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Quick thoughts on my "Games I Want. Now" list, now that I've played most of them.

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  • "Why am I not playing this right now?"

    Overall, I loved it. The campain was filled with Michael Bay-esque idiotic greatness, still enjoy some multiplayer on ocasion and Spec Ops was a fantastic mode that came out of nowhere. Now let me tell you something about the AUG...

  • "Love me some Ratche and Clank. Plus, this one actually feels like a PS3 game unlike ToD."

    I still do and indeed it did. Everything I loved about R&C was present, the Clank gameplay that I've always had mixed feelings about felt great and I've only got great things to say about how it looks.

  • "I bet the story and the characters will be great. Also, I've heard they're tweaking the gameplay, which is always welcome"

    Nathan Drake returned in a big way. With this fantastic game Naughty Dog once again solidified their status as one of the best game developers in the industry. One of the best things that can be said about a sequel is that it makes the previous games obsolete (a quality games 4, 5 and 9 share as well). That is exactly what Uncharted 2: Among Thieves acomplished. The superb multiplayer didn't hurt it either, so take note, Metal Gear.

  • "This game takes everything I hated about Assassin's Creed and fixes it. Also, I like the new setting a whole lot."

    A perfect example of sequel making. Unlike Altair's adventure, which I had to start three times before I actually gathered the patience to get through the laborious mission structure, Assassin's Creed II kept me glued to my TV and awake all night long, until I finally finished it. It might say something about the blandness of Altair, but the story, trials and the character of Ezio Auditore da Firenze was a true revelation. At this point, I've already finished Brotherhood, and can't wait for Assassin's Creed III.

  • "Yep, why not? Not that big of a fan of the first one, but everything they've shown so far looks awesome."

    Oh, sweet Jesus. As much as I want to think that games like God of War III, Red Dead Redemption or Hot Pursuit stood a chance, this was my GOTY 2010, hands down, bar none. Giant terminators aside, the story and the quality of storytelling were superb, as expected from Bioware, really. Playing through it the second time was a delight and the quality of the DLC gave Bethesda a run for their money. I'm also not afraid to say it: the universe that Bioware established is better than anything other space operas, such as Star Wars or Star Trek had to offer. But, hey! To each his own.

  • "I really hope this will end up good"

    Oh, how silly I was back then. This was not just "good", it was incredible. Who knew? Not me, that's for sure. Being one of the four people who have played the alrightish "Urban Chaos", I did not expect Rocksteady to develop what would become the greatest superhero game ever. Not a particulary hard task, mind you, but nigh imposible to achieve now. We can only hope that this was not some one hit wonder, and that Arkham City will be every bit as good, and hopefully, even better.

  • "I hope that all the strategy stuff is optional, because that doesn't sound appealing to me at all."

    It wasn't and it was not good. The original setting and the Double Fine branded humor was enough to get me through the story, but the gameplay was bad. It was the opposite of the focused Arkham Asylum, as they took a kitchen sink aproach, which did not pay off. One of the biggest dissapointments on this list.

  • "Looks like the game I wanted Fallout 3 to be. Gearbox makes some solid face shooting."

    So it wasn't. It was more loot based than story based. The face shooting was indeed solid, but that is just about all I can say about it, as I've only reached level 6, which is not enough to render am educated opinion. I'm actually looking forward to blow the dust off the box and play some more once I have more free time.

  • "Dude, Forza. Kinda like Gran Turismo, but better. Don't hit me!"

    Such a great and diverse game. Whether you are racing, customizing or just browsing the store for ridiculous paint jobs, Forza 3 deliveres. Now, when I was writing that Forza is better than Gran Turismo, that was just a humorous (hopefully) way to state my prefference. Now, after the tangled, uneven mess that is GT5, that is the truth. Now if you try object and/or approach to hit me, you won't be able to. Probably because of a flying brick, halfway between my hand and your stupid face.

  • "Really hope that they don't mess this one up."

    Dude, I dont know.

  • "Classic 2d gameplay. Wind Waker style Link. Best of both worlds."

    Another game I've not played enough of to render an opinion. Sad. really. I've got a long flight in two weeks so I might give it another go. Not likely, due to my crippling Picross 3D adiction.

  • "If this is not as good as the Phoenix Wright games, I'll start throwing punches."

    It was not, but then again in my mind, no portable game is, so you're safe for now. I enjoyed it much more than Apollo Justice, even though the changes in gameplay and lack of courtroom battles were not to my liking. Which probably speaks about the strength of some of the Phoenix Wright characters, which were present.

  • "All I know is that this game is awesome and I want it. Also, my money's on Vinny. And Fuck you Sloan Hood."

    No night vision, no sale. But seriously, I intend to play it on Xbox soon. Got the PC version but it kept crashing. Still, good first impression, despite some of the criticism I've heard.

  • "Looks great. Hope that they don't ruin the ending like in Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Man that ending was shit ran over twice."

    It was good, an interesting and unique game, to say the least. Sadly, the ending was indeed lacking, though no as bad as Indigo Prophecy's. Specifically, the unexplained red herring, which was so bad it made me angry. However, remembering some of the specifics and talking about the game with other people who have played it, allow me to look past the bad bits.

  • "Maybe? I don't know. Depends on the story."

    Got about a third way through, but never finished it. I also had to play the inferior Xbox version (as a poor student I couldn't waste my precious beer money on random games, so I borrowed it, as no one I knew had the PS3 version and the rental service didn't send it to me). I intend to pick up the PS3 version in the near future, but from what I've played, it is clear that FF is no longer the juggernaut it once was. Hopefully they will bounce back.