SNES Games I got During Thanksgiving Break

Picked some of these up at BuyCo in Mishawaka, they had some decent prices so I can not complain. The rest of the games I got from a couple friends who didnt want them so score there am I right!!!

List items

  • What can I say about this game that you don't already know? It is a must have for any SNES collector it has all the Original NES Games with updated graphics including the newer released "Lost Levels" or the original sequel in Japan.

  • I only have played this game for a couple stages, seems like your run of the mill platformer, which I cant argue with its a genre I enjoy blissfully wasting a few hours with while having a delicious beer.

  • I got this game for 7 dollars. I played the first 3 levels and I already know it was money well spent. The puzzle aspects of the game immediately caught my attention and I knew that I will be finishing this one in the near future.

  • Its street fighter, I am average at best. Not much more i can really say that you don't know.

  • Another fighting game, haven't had much time with this title but the SNK fighting scene has never ever been my wheelhouse. Got this from my friend

  • See this from my friend as well.

  • Got this for 2 dollars, I usually get sucked in to these Sim games so i figured 2 dollars for countless hours of entertainment is a fair price, PLUS bowser can destroy your city....HOLLER.

  • This is one of the few sports games I enjoy on the SNES. I can recall countless nights of playing as Benny the Bull and Bill Clinton with Infinite Turbo and Dunks from anywhere cheats, no possible way to lose, and i still had hours of fun.

  • I haven't played this yet. According to my friends its a great Baseball game on the SNES. I do not know tho feel free to let me know.

  • Great platformer and great memories. I use to have a Promotional VHS for this game. It was....interesting...but it was enough to secure my interest in the franchise. I just love everything about this game from the Music to the graphics, to the wacky levels. I beat this a fair amount of times in my youth and plan to do so again as an adult. Check out the Prop video here: