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Assassins Creed the bleed

bleed blood I bleeded! I have been playing AC for the last couple weeks. It started out harsh. I couldn't get into it at first. I felt like i didnt know what the hell i was doing. I would Just run arounf and save citizens and then kill them until i was kicked out to the Animus. Then I figured out i was playing the game wrong. Oh I am supposed to climb these towers first. then blips show up on the radar. its easy once i fgures out that much.  
 Killing is fun. Killing with style is funner. (better) love the hidden blade. noting better than slowly walking up to a dude shank him that tip toe away. I also like using the short blade. dodging enemies attacks and counter attacking is the shit. tossing blades at guards and then watching them fall backwars off the rooftops is hilarious.  
I am on my last mission. it seems like it may be getting tougher to kill the targets. i have had a lot of fun with this game i am glad that i didnt turn my back on it and stuck with it. now i see what everyone was talking about.

Two Years

I have been coming to this website for Two years now. Even though I do not own any of the current gen systems (besides a DS) i still love coming here to listen to the Bombcast and watch the Quick Looks. Love this shit!


First Blog For GB!

OK guys, I don't think I will be making many Blog postings here. I already have two other blogs to keep up with! I just wanted to say that the site looks very very very good, so far. I like the idea of listing the games and not the consoles on the home page. It is a different approach compared to other sites and I like it very much.  Im looking forward to making Giant Bomb my primary games website that I will be checking daily! Alright GB!