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Well I've been in Europe for a month and I'll do a full blog on this when I get time, just doing the quests that I've missed.


Global Agenda: Worth It? And Many Other Things

Let's start with what you are probably read this for, my impressions of Global Agenda. As far as I can tell, its worth it. I haven't tried out the Conquest gameplay yet so I don't know whether or not I'll subscribe but the PvE and PvP is really good. There is currently a real problem with the PvP though. There just isn't enough teamwork going on and for a team based game, that seems like a rather large prroblem. The only people currently who even try to organise their teams are 12 year old Americans with a mic who don't know a thing about strategy who then get pissed at you when you don't do what they say. 
An example? Well first let me just tell you what I play as and how respawning works in this game, I'm a Recon play specced for sniping alright? That means I need distance don't I? Now the way respawning works is that when you die you spectate for a certain amount of seconds then come back in your teams drop ship. You can either just walk out or if someone has placed your teams respawn beacon somewhere you can teleport to it. So, one of the gamemodes is a TF2-like payload thing, I was defending and the defending team's beacon is usually pretty close to the action. I respawn and jump because I'm sniping and I don't want to be right next to the other team when I'm doing that> Now as soon as I walk out of the dropship this guy starts shouting and swearing at me for not using the beacon and calling me a moron. This is the same person who has been giving us terrible strategies all match long. So i ignore him and get up on a godd vantage point and start ripping up and he starst complaining that "All you stupid recons aren't using the beacon!" Excuse me! I have to be A) scoped to fire and B) wait for the aiming aids reach to pinpoint before I'm even allowed to fire! 
Along with these stupid children no one really does any coordinated attacks all matches are decided in the first minute because by then it's usualy to late to stop the other team in any game mode. But the amaxing thing is, despite all this, its fun it really is. 
Now let's move onto something else, like my Christams haul. I like every other sane Steam gamer out there bought a ridiculous amount of games for on average 88% of the original cheap steam prices. I got about 8 games for $40 this on top of the ridiculous amount of games that my entire household got for Christmas, its going to take me all year to get through them all. 
Just one more thing before I send out this blog to all of you I saw Avatar quite a while ago, like the day after release. I didn't see it in 3D for 3 reasons: 
1. It doubled the already ridiculous ticket price 
2. One of the friends I saw it with doesn't have depth perception 
3. It ruins the vibrant colours of the movie! 
But it was a brilliant movie, of course it didn't stand up to the hype, no movie does, but it was still really good movie. Right up there with my other favourite movies: Watchmen, District 9, The Fifth Element and True Lies. So if you haven't seen it yet I really recommend it to you. Not many laughs there but no one really expected it have many. 
Thanks for reading my rather late 2009 wrap-up! 
p.s WALL OF TEXT!!!!



Well all us TF2 players have been spamming either our demos or sollies in an attempt to win a secret weapon for their class. This seems a great idea doesn't it? Well I have to agree, it does seem like a great idea. There are also currentyl propaganda comps and many other things. But what I'm worried about is if after the event is finished, whether or not people will keep on hating the other class one side being smug toward the pther for getting the weapon, the other being bitter for their loss.
I don't think there is much chance of this happening, the steam community is surprisingly resilient with these things, the item drop update blew over pretty fast (although this could've been due to the backflips done by Valve) and many of us remember the melee cooldown update for L4D. There were people shouting on the forums for about a week and then everything went away. Another brilliant example of this is the L4D2 Boycotters, as soon as the game was released the group pretty much disbanded and everyone went out and bout the damn thing.
But in this event the matter is slightly different, instead of Gamers vs Valve, its Demos vs Soldiers. Or, to put it another way Gamers vs Gamers. And we all know what happens when gamers get angry with eachother, we have wars for the next 5 years! So lets hope to Valve, the white night of PC gaming doesn't go to overboard on the inciting of the violance.
SL33T out.



Well I've finally got a new computer, set it up, fixed issues and got it connected to the internets. The internet thing was actually harder than i expected, due to my 64 bit OS my shoddy Netgear pci card doesnt support 64 bit, so I had to find a card that did, find a store that sold that card and then finally find time to go outside and buy that card. So, without further ado, I shall paste mah specs! 
OS: Vista Home Premium 64 (Its cool, I'm getting 7) 
MOBO: Asus P6T Deluxe V2 
CPU: i7 950 3ghz 
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 295 
RAM: 6gb of awesomeness 
HDD: 2 x 1tb 
Screen: Acer 23" 
Case: Antec 900II 
Sound Card: SoundMAX HD audio 
Mouse and Keyboard: Shit standard Microsoft 
So I am very happy with it, there have been a few slight compatability issues though (for instance I can't play Dungeon Keeper 2) I'm currently in the process of moving over all my shit which may take a while but thanks to me finally getting file sharing working on my computer it might not take as long as I innitialy thought. I'm going to borrow Crysis from a friend to slaughter that game and show it who's boss. Now all thats left is to get a better ISP than Bigpond (shouldn't be hard) so I can get epic pings!

A Winnar Is Not Me?

Well, its been a rather odd couple of weeks, I've been sucked into the 5 year old drug addicts world of Little Big Planet yet again, drawn into the phenomenon of COD4 online along with starting to play regular Quake Wars online matches, tried out for the "Random Pro Guys" TF2 team and failed (miserably), finished Trine (I'm about to go through again on very hard while getting 100%) and finally: started, and finished with Battlefield: Heroes.

So lets start with LBP shall we? The reason I actually started it up again was because of the so called "Mm picks". These are levels that the guys at Media Molecule really enjoyed. So after looking at one of these I went and played it and was really good. So now I'm going back to my level which has been in production for a few months and still is. On top of this there are new Ghostbuster costumes in line with the new game.

Next up is COD4 and I have to say it is much better on PC than console, way more fun plus it has an actual server browser so I don't have to deal with that matchmaking shit. This is actually a new experience for me, playing a persistent online game regularly like this. I've mostly been playing 32 player Free-for-all DM on shipment. Sure it takes 4 deaths for you to get away from the spawn point but you surprisingly don't get as frustrated as you might think. I'm currently level 23 or so from doing this and Hardcore Headquarters for about 3-4 days.

As well as this I've started playing Quake Wars online seriously after gifting it to a friend over steam. This is really good fun, I play as the Engineer because of his amazing ability to get ridiculous amounts of xp. Park the MCP in front of a anti-vehicle turret and just constantly repair it. It gets you TONNES!

Now we move on to the blood-bath of a try out for the "Random Pro Guys Dream Team" a subsidiary of the "Random Pub Guys". Now I would have done fine (maybe not have got in though) if not for a few problems.

1. I had never played the map before and it was an official map, not some custom piece of shit.
2. It was a CP map I had never played before, I usually stick to CTF because that's what I'm good at, exceptionally so.
3. I have a strange feeling that our entire team had the same problems as me, now if  team isn't effective usually the individual isn't either in a CP map.

Surprisingly team communication was there, most of us had mics. So we started off with the usual opening gambit of 3 or 4 scouts followed by 2 heavies and 3 medics and the rest just being either what they were good at, or what they needed to be. Despite this reasonable loadout we lost the first point within a couple of minutes and never got it back (this was a 5 point map). Our second one went down pretty fast too, we did go for a few pushes every now and then, but barely got anywhere with the amount of snipers they had covering it. Although we gave them a hell of a time defending the last point, it wasn't enough.

The next 2 rounds were pretty much the same, although the 3rd round we held out for a very long time. Then the server admin said "Alright that's the end of the trials, I'll post up the results on steam tomorrow". Then, to my dismay, the next round (on Goldrush I think?) our team ripped up! We made an amazing defense and offense machine. But it didn't count and I was very annoyed.

The next day when the results were posted, I found that the heavy I had been medic-ing for the entire time got a "honourable mention" as it were for "great defense". Where was I? The person who had been keeping him alive so he could defend was nowhere to be found on the list.

But that's enough of that for now, shall we move onto Trine? Yes I thought so, who wants to read my rants. Well... Great game, that's about it, loved the final level where you have to climb up a tower filling up with lava with all of your characters abilities combined (though the thief more than anyone else). It looks really pretty, the characters are actually interesting to listen to for a change. Just full of all round cleverness, the only thing this game lacks is length and perhaps a level editor.

Now, onto my final topic: Battlefield Heroes. Look, it's fun, don't get me wrong. But I can't really see myself playing it anymore. There are a few reasons for this, some of them gameplay related, some of them not. But, to a TF2 migrant and before that a UT2K4 migrant, they a very prominent.

1. Headshots aren't instant kills, they merely provide a damage bonus of about 20 points. I haven't measured of course, but that's what it feels like. I like the feel in TF2 or UT of a good headshot. A big contributor to this is the sound file that plays when you get one. Be it the "Headshot" in UT, or the indescribable noise and wonderful green text that appears in TF2. But that just simply isn't there in BFH.
2. Backstabs aren't instant kills, they don't even provide the measly damage bonus that the headshot does. Now any TF2 player will tell you that the most satisfying thing about that game is getting a backstab. That release of tension from sneaking around, avoiding Pyros and hiding from the person you're disguised as, feels beautiful when coupled with the wonderful noise that comes with a backstab.
3. Connection issues. 'Nuff said. And if you don't have any, and don't think there are any. Just check the BFH forums.
4. Tanks are OP, they don't take any damage from small arms fire. I wouldn't at least mind doing 1 damage per second to it, at least I would feel that I'm making a difference.
5. Making us rent our weapons. This basically means I need to get enough virtual currency every however long to keep using my upgraded heavy machine gun. Even if you're using real money you still can't buy weapons outright.
6. On the same note micro-transactions are never good. NEVER!

I could probably write down a few more but I feel like doing something more constructive right now, like finishing off that LBP level. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Until next time, SL33T.


Console Command Crisis

Well most of you would've noticed the recent chunk of console commands appearing on the wikis, I myself was one of the people who put one of these up for HL2. I'm just here to say after talking to NuclearWinter that we actually aren't allowed to do this, I was lucky not to get banned unlike Ferginator, so people if you are going to be pasting console commands in here, first do two things.

1. Check with if someone has already made a guide for these particular console commands (ie. me as I'll be making a lot of these now to deter people from doing more of these subs).

2. If not, don't put them on the wiki, put them on a guide, lest your face be banned from these halls.

Thanks, SL33T.



Well, me and Ferginator4k (now known as Pacifistic Terminator) are going to be doing a (hopefully) regular podcast from now on called the TEMcast. If you feel like listening to a couple of idiots and a rotating guest talk about games and be general all-round nerds I encourage you to at least listen to our first episode. It will be up this Friday. After listening to it email us suggestions and things (the email for that can be found on our website which will be revealed shortly), or if you prefer, you can just post them here.

Our website is (yes free web hosting sucks but we can't really be bothered to buy a domain at the moment).
Plus this is also for our (currently small) gaming clan, The Evil Musketeers. All the info for this is on the website, anyways as I said, email or comment your suggestions.


Valve and You: The TF2 Update Part 2 (The Fix)

Well Valve has come to its senses for once and reimplemented milestones for the spy and sniper. They also kept the random drop system in which is good. Regular players can now go for specific items while the casual player still has the chance to get something cool. Well done guys!


Valve and You: The TF2 Update

I have always thought of Valve as the "White Knight" of gaming society, always bringing out new and original games. Most recent of these is Left 4 Dead, their co-op zombie survival shooter. As with all their games it was well put together and interesting and fun to play. But I have found this strange OCDish thing that Valve almost always does. I call it SYFS, this stands for Shoot Yourself in the Foot Syndrome. So this basically means they make a near perfect game, with a near perfect formula. Then touch the game with eager updating fingers and the whole thing bursts into flames.

Now there has been a lot of information going around regarding the recent "Spy vs Sniper" update. Most of this is in relation to the new "item drop" system. After a few days of playing through this I have a couple of things to say about it. The first being it is a perfect example of SYFS, sure not everyone liked the old system but at least you knew what you were getting. Now having random drops it usually is just something that you already have. I myself have gotten 2 flare guns (I already had one), 2 backburners (again, already had one) and finally a dead ringer which is useless anyway. I originally thought that it would be awesome but then after trying it out I realised two things.

  1. It replaces your normal cloak
  2. A spy check from a Pyro or Heavy is going to kill you regardless of the supposedly neat little gadget

I remember the same sort of thing with Left 4 Dead, the melee cooldown. At least I could live with that though.

And so ends my rant at Valve and their phsycological condition.


Best gun EVER!

So it's a new week and as promised here is the next blog post for all of you people out there!

This weeks topic is best gun ever, so here's my picks:

1. Portal Gun, of course

2.  BFG

3. Painkiller

4. The Tantalus cheat weapon from Deus Ex (killing people with your mind)

5. The only weapon you want when stuck in a zombie apocolypse, The Shotgun

Now as last time, what are your picks for best gun ever?

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