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I am enjoying Blades of Time. I am a terrible person.

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Leaves you cold but wanting for more 1

OverviewWinter Voices is a game that spreads over different episodes. This review is about the first episode, the prologue.In the game you start of as a female protagonist who has just lost her father. You do not learn the details but it is clear that it is a very traumatic event for her. Throughout the game you must overcome your grief, in the prologue you can react differently; either be very emotional about everything, make jokes or be very cold. All of these however portray your character as...

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A solid yet flawed Metroid game 0

I'm a big Metroid fan, I love the feel of loneliness the games give, the backtracking for hidden items, puzzles and exploration. The problem is that Metroid Other M lacks somewhat in exactly does areas. But makes up for it a lot with the return of classic characters and filling out some of the story behind Samus and the Metroids. Controls The game uses a combination of holding the Wii remote sideways and using a first person perspective. Though this takes time to get used to, about an hour in I ...

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