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A solid and charming adventure 0

Nintendo's Star Fox franchise has been around since the Super NES days. Back then the polygonal graphics were state of the art and its 3D space shooting style of game play was beyond anything that was out for the consoles of the day. While the original Star Fox was a technical achievement, it wasn't until the N64's Star Fox 64 that it was firmly established as a solid franchise. Star Fox Adventures is only the third game in the series and the first one to appear on the GameCube and takes the ser...

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Nice Ideas, but a little rough around the edges. 0

The 2002 release of Starfox Adventures marked the first Starfox game for Nintendo's 128-bit console. The reaction from fans was mixed. Some loved it, some hated it. But everyone agreed that they wanted a 'true' Starfox game to come out. When Starfox 2 was shown for the first time at E3 2003, the game got a less than warm reception. It was in the very early stages of development and just didn't look or play very well. Still, it assured fans that there was a new Starfox game being made, and for ma...

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