Nightriff's Top Games of 2014

Here my list of my favorite 2014 games this year, these are the ones I liked and want to mention. I don't see any reason to rank games I didn't care for or enjoy. Also including one game as a "Backlog" game that I got around to playing and really enjoyed.

List items

  • This is the game I look back fondly on playing the most this year. I really want a season 2 to happen but I will do exactly what I did with this, WAIT TILL ALL THE EPISODES ARE OUT! I can't tell you how much a difference it makes other than people didn't like some episodes in particular where when you play it all in one sitting, it just felt like a good story. More and more I wished TellTale would drop the episodic model (or at least get on a FIRM SCHEDULE, there was 4 months in between episode 1 and 2 of this).

    Regardless, I really enjoyed this game as a tight 8 to 10 hour experience where the story really engaged me and I got attached to the characters. The ending scene where the wolf has to face his decisions was amazing and so extremely well done.

  • I wanted to beat this game before I officially made this so I got the order the best I could. This would easily be my GotY if it weren't for a few minor issues with bugs and some minor story/character stuff that I thought was underwhelming/cheesy/stupid.

    Otherwise I absolutely loved this game and just enjoyed being in the world of Thedas. This was the first game since Skyrim that really grabbed me and I just enjoyed being in the world and doing shit. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the story beats and character stuff, then would just throw in some headphones and a podcast and just "be" in the world doing, really, meaningless side content.

    I look foreword to DLC, expansions and sequels of this franchise again, and that excites me.

  • I bought this game based on the hype that it was receiving and for the most part it lived up to it. This game was just a lot of fun and just how many options it gave you to do things was awesome. As someone who likes to sneak around and kill dudes, it worked. When I just wanted to fucking fuck shit up and murder fuckers, it was fucking amazing! The story was good and the characters were pretty good as well. I wouldn't have thought this would be as much fun as it was.

  • I wouldn't say it was a good to great game, but the week or so that I just played this as a time waster was great. The game is just oozing with charm and has such a personality that I couldn't help but just smile the whole time while playing it.

  • Backlog Game of the Year:

    I wasn't expecting to play this game this year let alone ever. But I took a humanities class and we talked about the novel (poem?) Dante's Inferno and it made me think of this game. So I sought it out for like 8 bucks and decided to play the game. And from that perspective I really enjoyed it. A lot of the symbolism and liberties they took from the novel where fantastic and that is what I enjoyed most. I love playing these types of games and then end up online reading about the symbolism of the levels or characters. I probably ended up spending as much time playing the game as I did reading and comparing the game to its source material.

    Oh yeah, I thought the gameplay was serviceable and the story turned out to be pretty interesting to the point where at the end, I actually want to see a sequel now to see what they do.

    I don't think it is for everyone but the mindset I took into the game made it an incredibly enjoyable experience that stood above other backlog games I played this year.