Nightriff's Top Games of 2015

2015 was an incredibly solid year in games for me and I didn't even play most of the major releases this year. For the most part I want to build an awesome PC so that is mainly why I avoided Witcher 3, Fallout 4, so on. Anways, onto the list starting with my favorite game of the year and ending with my top backlog game of the year.

List items

  • From beginning to end, MGSV:PP dominated two months of my gaming life. I was on a fantastic pace to average beating a game a week but come 9/1/15, that was thrown out the window. I have very small complaints about the game, and what I complain about is overwhelmed by the incredibly enjoyable gameplay. This game was just fucking incredible to play.

  • Thanks to GBEAST for this gem, I loved this 5ish hour game from beginning to end. It was just a ton of fun to enjoy and the adventure game aspects didn't turn me off of the experience (looking at you Grim Fandengo). The characters where tons of fun and just went with it which worked. I don't know if a sequel would be as magical, but I would give it a shot.

  • It was released on PC this year so it makes my list. I really enjoyed this game. SWERY just makes incredibly engaging worlds (well, out of the two of his games that I've played) with bombastic characters and bizarre situations. I love him and his games. I don't think we will ever see episode 2, but I enjoyed what was released regardless.

  • Probably the most shocking entry on my list as I honestly didn't expect much from this game. Yes, I did enjoy the sexy anime girls, but more than that it was a ton of fun to play. The girls are all different and interesting in their own way, you got to learn about them and their is more depth there than I would've ever imagined. And on top of that, the match 3 aspect is a ton of fun to play as well, was a ton more strategic than I ever would've thought and led to me thinking about my next move more than any other match 3 I've ever played. Color me a fan of this game and I look forward to Huniecam Studio.

  • This kind of defaults to this spot as I wanted to at least have 5 games on here, but I have played a ton of this game since October, and while I have slowed down...any minute now I could start a game and be sucked back in for another month. The basketball is tons of fun and gorgeous to look at and the love the association mode as that is all I've played. I think my move is to skip a year for this series and I believe 2K16 could easily last me another year of entertainment.

  • Backlog Game of the Year: I'm very surprised to see this here. Out of the backlog games I've played, including one of my favorite Zelda games in Link Between Worlds and a game that now occupies my list of favorite games of all time in the Witcher 2...Space Marine is the game I look back on the most fondly. I just enjoyed the 5 hours so much it took me to beat the game that I just keep looking at it as a dark horse for this category. It was so much fun to play from the brutal animations and combat to the awesome voice acting (SPAAACE MAARINE!!!!) and an enjoyable story. I never played a Warhammer game before and this alone sold me on digging a little deeper into the series. Quality wise, not the best backlog game, but I honestly feel like it deserves the most love out of the old games I had never played until this year. GIVE US A SPACE MARINE 2!!!!