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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die - Review 0

D4 is an experience unlike any other that you could have in video games.Whether that is a good thing, that is for you to decide. A good starting point is did you like Deadly Premoniton? Then you will probably dig this gem. If you didn't? I suggest passing on the game or at least wait till a sale before taking the plunge into the world of David Young, his charming (terrible?) Boston accent, and Flight 117.D4 is for the most part an interactive comic, you will be spending most of your time talking...

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If This is Your Only Option, It is Perfectly Serviceable 0

This is a Review of the Mass Effect Disc out of the recently released Mass Effect Trilogy for the PS3. You can purchase the single game off PSN for your convince.Mass Effect was originally released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 and PC. After 5 years and 2 sequels it has finally been released on the PS3. The story begins about Commander Shepard sitting looking through a window BLAH BLAH BLAH, look this is a review for those who probably already played the sequels on the PS3 and are debating whether to...

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Doom: Still One Hell of a Ride 0

Actually the PS3 version Off the Doom 3: BFG EditionI was 4 when this game first came out so I have never really played Doom the way it should've been played. Usually it consisted of spurts every once in a while when I visit family or friends. So with the announcement of the BFG Edition containing all 3 Doom games I jumped at the opportunity to finally play the Father of the FPS Genre and to say the least it is still a hell of a lot of fun.First thing that comes to mind is that few games today a...

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A Safe Sequel to a Already Steller Product 0

I have a lot of mixed emotions with Arkham City..... in one hand I loved the game where in the other I felt slighted. I want to give a fair review to a game I truly enjoyed but maybe my expectations were too high. The game built upon a great, surprising game, Arkham Asylum, that came out a few years ago which had minor issues but didn't take away from the experience at all. With that said, Arkham City is the same way. Minor issues here and there that I have with the side missions being to short,...

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