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The best RPG for GBA IMO! 0

This game has a special place to me. I remember first getting this game solely on the fact I thought the cover art looked cool, it turned out to be one of the best purchases I made based on a whim. This game hits the spot for every RPG lover out there, and it all for on a gba game! The graphics, gameplay, story and music were all terrific. I still listen to the music to this day. I recently played it again and it holds up amazingly, I had nothing but fun playing it. For those looking for a grea...

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Still great after all these years! 0

I just finished playing this game yesterday and I was truly amazed on how much fun I had with it! At first I would play a mission once a night but after a while I couldn't put it down, it was just pure fun, I found myself forgetting what I was doing and just keep on playing. There isn't much story to it but it's bread and butter is in the gameplay. The best times where I was stuck on defeating an enemy and had to try different strategies until you figure it out and get it right, there's noth...

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Remember Me has promise, but it fell short to it being a truly amazing game. 0

Right of the bat I love the atmosphere in this game, the neo-Paris setting is gorgeous. The concept art, graphics and visual setting is all beautiful. The story is where it fell short, or at least how they presented it, more questions little answers type deal. Combat comes with a unique set up where you customize your own combos to acquire different feats (more power, health regen, etc.) which was interesting. It’s a brawler none the least with a counter system, it works but it didn’...

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A simple yet fun platform adventure for you to enjoy! 0

This game is very light hearted, simple and fun for everyone to play. You play through various stages in the game and the graphics are quite nice. It's a 2D platformer that throws some 3D elements into the mix as well. The game takes about 3-5 hours to complete and another 1-3 hours if you want grab all the trophies/achievements. All in all it's a cute little game that was fun to play....

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A video game that brings back old memories in a fresh way. 0

Darksiders is one of those games where you went to your game store, looked at the cover and thought "Cool, what's this?", look at the back cover "Sweet!", then gave it a shot and finally say "This game is friggin awesome!". That's the sum up of my experience with this game. Darksiders is a type of game if Zelda and God of War made love and gave birth to a game named Darksiders. It reminisces on what video games we all remember playing done really well. That's the type of vibe i got from this gam...

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