My Most Anticipated E3 2012 Games

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  • Lara Croft is back and looking better then ever, the debut for this game made my hype meter almost explode.

    Being stranded on an mysterious island is also a part of my favorite tv show which makes the latest Tomb Raider even more intriguing for me.

  • Naughty Dog has made some of the best games this generation, showing that gaming is not at all far behind movies when it comes to creating a cinematic experience. I'm sure The Last of Us won't disappoint.

  • It's finally time for the third Assassin's Creed! ( Cause there has only been two others right? ) I've played them all I can't get enough. And hey, you can fight bears!

  • The first borderlands has been giving me alot of laughs and a great time in co-op

    with my always awesome gaming-and-everything-in-life-very-bestest-friend since I got it and after seeing part 2, I'm sure we'll have even more fun with what's in store for us.

  • Yes yes yes! I am aware there is millions of fans who HATE the direction Resident Evil has gone in, so what? I still had an amazing time with RE5 and in co-op it was a blast.

  • Devil May Cry has been absent for some years now and after playing the HD Collection for just a short while I was more then ready for DmC. Bring it on!

  • Not everybody is a fan of Raiden, not everybody is a fan of Platinum Games but what happens if you like both? Then you've got a helluva ride waiting!

  • It's a funny thing, I don't really consider myself a Halo fan, but looking back I've played and completed everyone of them except for Halo 2 ( Yes I've even played through Halo Wars ) and I'm kinda curious what 343 will do with the classic Halo formula ( My guess? Not that much )

  • So what is The Definition of Insanity? Waiting for a sequel when the game it is following up on was something that was full of bugs and strange decisions, but Far Cry 2 showed some real potential, let's hope Far Cry 3 can deliver the goods.

  • EVE Online is a game I've been wanting to get into for a very long time. Hearing all the stories that surround that game and what people do with it is truly something unique and just maybe Dust 514 can give me a sneak peek into the world of EVE without having 2-3 years of grinding before getting to the good stuff.

  • It may not look like a Hitman game, but if IO Interactive knows what's best for them ( or us players ) it is to deliver something that the fans of the series will love, I'm still waiting for that one video that will show us a real Hitman level.

  • The first Dead Space was scary and was one of those games that really was what I wanted from horror game, I have yet to play the second one but from what I've heard it's excellent and I believe that Dead Space 3 will continue the trend.

  • A new RPG from CD Projekt RED, the makers of The Witcher? Ohh, it's a cyberpunk game? SIGN ME UP! Just announced and nobody really knows anything about it but it can't be anything but awesome! Well it can, but let's hope not.