Prince of Persia.

I have been playing Prince of Persia on the Xbox 360 recently.  The start of it was really fun, the Quick pace of jumping into the world as hell (in the form of the dark god Aruman) is brought upon it and then defeating all four bosses the first time was really enjoyable.

The Characters are alot of fun not alot of emotions.
The Characters are alot of fun not alot of emotions.

The Character of the Prince and Elika are good in a summer movie kind of way, not incredibly deep but as a person who thinks the characters in gears of war do exactly what they have to do, I think the are good.

However when I began to get further on and healed the first large area and kiiled the Hunter for good I started to loose the will to keep on playing. I felt the pace was getting severly driven down by the quest to try and collect all of the light seeds from the areas I has already healed. I also think that the fact for alot of the areas you have to go buy another power that you didn't use to heal the area was a bad decision. I thought it would have been better to allow the player to kill the boss, heal the area, collect the light seeds and be done with it.

Instead the game forces you to move to the temple alot of times to unlock these new powers and gives you a tutorial for each power even though there's never much user interaction in the powers and this too just pulls the pace down.

I really like the game to start with, the art style is top not and I could spend years just standing the prince infront of the corrputed tree of life to see how beautiful the background for it is with the perfectly designed prince in the foreground. The gameplay is really enjoyable and I liked standing nd talking to Elika everytime I got the chance.

The pacing and arbitrary powers and steep requirements of light seeds have made me full out of love with the game at the moment. I hope I will complete it but I just feel like there is not enough to do in the world. I realise though that this emphasises the emptiness and lonliness of a corrupted land but I would be nice to see interesting persian characters move into healed areas and begin to work in the mills or tend the royal gardens and allow the player to talk to them like he does with Elika.