Best of 2009

NinjaHunter: Best of 2009 

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  • Oh Uncharted 2, why are you so good? This was an easy choice for my GOTY. The game simply has it all, an amazing single player campaign, a fun story line with memorable characters and great performances by the entire cast, great cooperative and competitive multiplayer and not to mention the game looks gorgeous.

  • Wait a minute, a GOOD Batman game? Who'da thought? Arkham Asylum is probably the first Batman game to not only be good but to also make you feel like you were actually the Dark Knight himself. The "Predator" gameplay, as the developer likes to put it, is a great new twist on stealth that makes you feel empowered as you strike fear into Batman's foes. And lets not forget about Mark Hamil's performance as the Joker. It's the perfect blend of a psychotic and comedic performance that makes this one of the most memorable.