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So I got my copy of L.A. Noire delivered from Amazon and went to pop it into my PS3 and whaddda know, ylod.  This was my bc 60 gig model, that I bought used off of Ebay. It had been repaired previously by Sony.  Luckily I kept the box Sony shipped to the original purchaser than to me, so I'm set to ship it.  I'm going to try out GopherMods as most of the reviews have been positive.  

A copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is in the drive, but the site assures all will be well.  Incidentally, 3 out of 5 Ryan?  A 4 out of 5 would be a better score imo.  

So anyway I pulled my original non-bc PS3 from my bedroom, and played L.A. Noire for about an hour.  I like the atmosphere so far, and wish I had more time to sink into it this week, but will be hitting the road tomorrow morning.  Earliest I'll get to play again will be maybe one or two days next week, if not that then the week after.  

Madmen Season 4 Premiere *SPOILERS*

Was anybody else blown away to learn that Don himself was actually the time traveler?  NOT Peggy as we were led to believe by last season's finale. This completely changes the series and turns it on its head!   
All this time we had assumed that Don's role was the protector of the current tangent, only to find out that he himself has been manipulating things for his own gain.  Looking back it should have been obvious, the rose left on Peter's grave, Cooper's insistence that this isn't the real timeline, the terrorist attack that destroyed the old office, the John Deere incident where the guy lost his it all makes sense now.    
What role will Don's children play now?  Will they too have access to the Omega power?  If as we were told in season 2 that the power is linked to a genetic code and not the physical key.  (that's something that's been bugging me for a long time, WHY do they even need the physical key then?)   
What's going on with Don's ex-wife?  In the season finale she found out that her new future husband was actually a replicant who's only there to discover who diverted the timeline earlier in the year, but she STILL MARRIES HIM!  WTF?  Does this mean that he'll still be able to exist in the timeline?  I thought they only lived for only a set amount of time and then reabsorb with the source.  Or has Betty decided just to latch onto the now and stay with him until his time is up?  Profound. 
Finally what does this mean for Peggy?  Is she going to be able to escape from the timeslip Don constructed or not?  I remember cheering when she was absorbed into the slip in the finale last season, now it brings tears to my eyes. The whole time she's been actually trying to save this timeline and not destroy it.   What doesn't make sense is why did she take the reconfigurer then?  I'm sure the show will explain it, but it's still a doozy of a plot hole.   
But for serious, i thought it was pretty good.  i was totally sucked into that floor wax commercial.  


This is it, I'm out

of patience for I quit threads.  
Seriously though, half of the time the people quitting don't, and the other half really will just be a blip on the radar to 99% of the community. This seems to happen every few months or so here.  That being a major blowout of some proportion occurs, people argue, I'm quitting/this place sucks now/this place has changed/I'm out of here because of this or this.....Needless drama. 
 So if you're bailing because of Linky, just go.  Send some PMs to whomever you must, but a long-winded/short-winded ragequit does nothing to address the reason you're so pissed off.   



I'm in the envious or unenvious position (depending on your point of view) that I work the weekends with the rest of the week off.  Given that, I spend a lot of time traveling, visiting family, plugging around my house, and being a general bum.  This last week I visited my parents and stayed a few days there.  My brother has been living with them for a couple years since getting divorced (but that's another story) and has his own room.  
On Thursday morning I was awoken @ 2:40 am to a  pop pop    ....pop pop pop sound.  My immediate thought was that my parent's beagle had gotten into some bubble wrap or something similar.  I laid in bed half awake/half asleep trying to figure out if this beagle popping bubble wrap was enough to get me up and put her outside as punishment.  The popping continued and I was slipping in and out of sleep when I heard my brother in the room next mine get up.  "Good" I thought, "he'll put that little bitch outside."  I heard him scream "HOLY FUCK!!" and I jumped out of bed as he burst into my room and rapidly told me that the garage was on fire.   "Fuck fuck fuck fuck" was the only thing running through my head.  I ran downstairs and the next few minutes were/are still a blur.
My brother shouting "WAKE THE PARENTS!" Running into my parents room to wake them, my brother coming back inside the house. (He went outside to try to get the garden hose on the fire but after seeing the inferno ran right back in)  Running into their room and saying "the garage it's on fire!" My mother immediately trying to call 911, and the phone being dead, having to shake my dad awake(extremely heavy sleeper) and telling him.  The smoke detectors went off at this point.  I ran back upstairs to try to find my cat, but she was gone.  I grabbed my computer bag, and ran downstairs.  I went outside, threw the bag into my car and moved it.  I ran back inside, my brother was on the phone with the police, my mom told me to grab my wallet ( I did), and I ran back upstairs to again look for my cat.  The house was now rapidly filling with smoke even though it wasn't on fire.  It was getting very smoky upstairs I couldn't see a fucking thing even with the lights on. 
I ran back downstairs, grabbed a flashlight to look for my cat, and went back upstairs.  I  was looking for her when my brother ran back upstairs.
Brother, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"  
Me, "Looking for my cat!"
My brother, "FUCK THE CAT!"
I knew he was right so I gave up the search as the smoke was going from hazy upstairs to pitch black, and I was beginning to cough.  
We all ran outside at this point as the smoke was pouring inside even though I still don't believe the house was actually on fire.  I stood there helpless as I watched the vinyl siding curled and fire started on the front eve of the house facing the garage.  
The fire department began arriving with 10 minutes, and I thought that they would be able to save the house at this point.  
I was wrong. 

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I stood outside with the rest of my family as I watched my childhood home/their home and everything inside go up in smoke.  It took about 4 hours for them to get the fire out.  Half of the house was just gone and the rest was a gutted mess. The fire department ended up bringing in a backhoe to collapse the walls that were left to try to put out the fire which was now smoldering inside the basement.

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The house was over a 100 years old, and my parents lost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that they've acquired over the years except for the clothes of their backs.   All of their vehicles, a boat, tools, household items photos everything from their life together.  I lost stuff from childhood but more painfully my cat who I've had for over 10 years.  I keep thinking maybe I could have saved her, but maybe then I wouldn't be here writing this now.
I stayed at a hotel room on Thursday night and thought I would sleep like a rock after only getting roughly 4 hours of sleep and going through that exhausting ordeal.  I went to bed @ 11 and woke up and 2:30am and didn't fall back asleep.  My dreams/nightmares were only of fire. 

 I'm at work right now only because my parents insisted.   "What can you do?"   Other than support,  they're right of course.   Others are there now for that.  I'm going back up next week to help out, but what can you do?
This is a rather strange thing, writing about this experience to mostly strangers, but I felt that If I didn't get it all out and some sort of record the memories would quickly fade and I want to remember this.  There are more photos mostly of the demolition in my gallery.  I captured some video of the fire on my phone and will probably upload some other time as I am "supposed" to be working right now. 

Tea Party

Yep, just a grass roots movement:
  The Tea Party has been billed as an organic grassroots operation, but a newly uncovered document obtained by Politico suggests the movement has been successfully co-opted as a Republican fundraising ploy.

GOP political consultant Joe Wierzbicki floated the proposal a year ago today to create the Tea Party Express, a nationwide bus tour to "give a boost to our PAC and position us as a growing force/leading force as the 2010 elections come into focus." His idea eventually became one of the best known brands in the Tea Party movement.

So why protest taxes when under Obama 95% of Americans taxes actually went down?  



So I got an itch to play my library of PS2 games again specifically GoW 1 & 2, and just like that I headed to Ebay.  Now I still have my old PS2, but the allure of playing these games through a wireless blue-tooth controller was too much.  I found a refurbished/repaired 60gig, and won the auction for $330.    Shipping was free as well.
The system came from the seller who just had it repaired by Sony, and it wasn't even unboxed from the repair center.  The seller simply put the box from Sony's repair center into a larger box and shipped it.
Along with the refurbished/repaired system came 4 games: 
Kane & Lynch Dead Men
So all in all a frakkin' steal imo. 


A good dilemma to have

So I purchased NSMB on Monday as well as Demon's Souls.  I'm breezing through NSMB, but of course Demon's Souls is kicking my ass.  I just got to the part where a dragon came and wasted everyone on the bridge, but I think I moved too slow and it wasted me as well.  Man I love being torn between to great games. 



I'm left of the left but really have no sympathy for these dipshits.  Their equivalent in Sweden called "Animal Rights" apparently has a problem with burning bunnies for fuel.  This is the most metal thing ever and therefore is awesome.  
PETA has a pro-vegan stance:
1. The only reason we thrived as a species is due to eating meat, lots and lots of brain building protein.   
2. They release shit like this, which is nothing more than fucking indoctrination to children  
 3. They say whatever they can to push their stupid views on people, to further that vegan stance.
Finally, Pamela Anderson pushes PETA's message.  She hasn't looked hot in years.