2010 Pre-Summer Biggest Let Down: Kick-Ass ***Spoilers***

All the previews, all the posters, and all the buzz from Aint-It-Cool-News after it showed at December's Butt Numb A Thon....how could Kick-Ass do me wrong? I just wanted to see a nerdy guy become a hero based on his comics and bust some crime. Apparently the filmmakers feel what audiences REALLY wanted to see was another movie about the geek being beat up by tougher guys.
Problem #1: Kick-Ass does not in fact kick anyone's ass really. He becomes a hero, tries his first fight and gets stabbed and run over. He tries again and gets pummeled. Most of the rest of the movie he just follows other heros around in his spandex wetsuit or whatever. Final battle, no fighting but I guess he did kill a guy....with a bazooka. This is not the "geeks save the day" story I wanted or thought I was being sold.
Problem #2: McLovin/Red Mist/ Christopher Mintz-Plasse is a super villain. No! For one thing McLovin is not a villain and I refuse to accept that. He hasn't got the toughness to be a standard villain, he lacks the smarts to be an evil genius, and he's not crazy enough to be one of those madman Joker wannabes. And even if I was willing to accept him as a villain they shouldn't show you he's the bad guy right up front when the previews make him out to be a sidekick/friend in arms to Kick-Ass. Even in the comic they saved this little twist until late in the game!
Problem #3: Ok, I've come to terms with problems 1 and 2 but really the high school shenanigans are more interesting, especially when the girl of Kick-Ass' dreams wants to hang out with him because she thinks he's gay and he goes along with it to be near her. That's comedy gold and a much more interesting story than the one the movie is actually showing me. Let's try not to be more enthralling during the side-story than the main plot.
There were some things I really did enjoy though, chief among them Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy. When he's out of costume he's a polite sort of version of Nicholas Cage but when he gets in his outfit he begins talking like Adam West Batman and it's hilarious! Also, Hit Girl is fantastic and awesome! The soundtrack is pretty good and the humor that mixes up the story is pretty funny without being ridiculous or cheesy.
 However, the few bright spots are little to save the movie. It's not a BAD movie, I didn't HATE the movie but it was just kind of flat and bland.  I am chalking this up to first quarter of 2010 for biggest let down but I haven't seen The Losers yet and I heard that may be a let down too. i'll keep you posted (because I know anyone reading this cares what I think...right!).
Skip the theater, save your $8.50, and wait for DVD or Blu-Ray on this one.