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My 2nd year I've followed E3 like a crack head looking for a rock. Here are some of the holes I'll be sinking my cash in over the next year or so.

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  •'s more Bioshock from Ken Levine. After hearing about the crazy time travel stuff I am even more intrigued than when it was just another Bioshock game. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!

  • Never got into Lara Croft back in the day but that E3 trailer was sweet! Seems very human and exciting!

  • The game which out "Tomb Raider"-ed "Tomb Raider". Nathan Drake is the coolest and most fun character I've played in a while at least and every game seems to get better, if the stuff we're seeing from this one are any indicator.

  • Batman is my guy, he's the dude, he's amazing, and since Nolan started making the movies he's only gotten cooler. Finally we had an amazing game to live up to his legend and legacy and now, this year, we get an even BETTER game. TO THE BATMOBILE!!!!

  • Dinosaurs and QTEs, both favorites of mine. The way it fits with the original movie has my interest and I'll be excited to see how the style of game play mixed with after the fact story telling ends up.

  • I spent over a hundred hours in Oblivion without ever beating the game or really doing the main questline. This game is bigger and badder. Also....Dragons! I am sooooo there!!!

  • I recall reading an article (EGM?) about a new Resident Evil style game with inside out dwarves for enemies. Flashforward to present and the franchise hasn't always been good (The Room didn't do it for me) but when it's good it's REALLY GOOD (the beloved classic Silent Hill 2). This one looks good to me but only time will tell...

  • I was super psyched for ME1, but ended up not liking it much after a few hours. I gave up on the franchise until literally three weeks ago when my friend forced me to play ME2 on his PS3 and on the way home from his place I bought my own Xbox copy and instantly downloaded almost every piece of DLC. I will be very excited to play this and buy it Day 1 to make up for lost time!

  • I'm not big on handheld consoles, I think I've spent a total of 20 hours on my DS Lite since I bought it for ChronoTrigger a couple years back. Never had a PSP but the early buzz on this makes me want to try it out. Who knows, I may even drop money on it before the first price drop at retail.

  • I got Kinect for Christmas but I keep a messy house so we don't play it much at all. If there is one thing I love though it's The Muppets so I'll be willing to drop the dough and clean the living room up to play this with my kids.

  • Loved the first one, found the second to be just OK, but after investing in both I am eager to see where they're going to wrap up the story.

  • I had some good times back in the day with the original, the new one looks good. Who doesn't love a psychotic clown in a mech suit? Plus....Doll Face is hot!!!

  • Saints Row 2 was the first Open World I ever beat start to finish. The wacky sense of humor mixed with loose and fun gun play and wild customization just hits all the right buttons for me. This one is taking the crazy up a notch....I'll be there to watch and enjoy it!

  • I'm new to this franchise but I am loving what I see!

  • Did not see this one coming! I'm not a Halo person but after the amazing time I had playing through 3 with my son and seeing Master Chief wake up in that teaser I got a rush of adrenaline that makes me think I'll be at a midnight release for this one. I'll still suck at multiplayer and never play it though...I'm fairly sure of that!