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Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together! 0

Indie games aren't bad but I tend not to buy or play them because there's no achievements and it seems they are shorter than I would like when I do really get into them. Yesterday I bought this game twice because I NEED IT EVERYWHERE!  This game is essentially a twin stick shooter, you point one stick where you wanna fly and the other where you wanna shoot. Boring, done to death, and not my cup o' tea. I wouldn't have cared if I hadn't seen a video where a guy was trying to experiement or break ...

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Just Frustratingly Bad 2

I don't buy many games on Xbox Live Arcade but when I found out Qix++ was a fancy version of Jezzbell, a game I used to waste hours on instead of doing homework, I bought it without a demo trial. Big mistake because that's $10 (800 MS Points) which I won't see again.  If you don't know the idea of the game or it's previous embodiments the screen is a grid which you can move around the perimeter of while a monster, a Qix if you will, roams about in some sort of pattern. Your goal is to draw a lin...

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