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Another game finished:

Call of Duty Ghosts, I beat the campaign, It was fine. The space stuff was pretty fucking cool. If you've played COD you know whats up. Shout out to all the additional modes and stuff, some of that stuff is super fun especially squads, its very much my kind of thing.


101 places to get fucked up, I've got a bit of a travel bug ATM and I bought this to get an idea of where to go next, well maybe I don't know. Libson and Savannah have moved up the list and it reinforced my urge to go to Burning Man. Some of it came off as super hipsterish or a little mainstream ( I have already been to a few of the places on the list and many of the places mentioned were easy to find/touristy/only for skinny Jeans types.

Transmetropolitan book 2. much more of a collection of separate issues than the first one, alot about cryogenics and transhumanism. Still good maybe I will continue to pick up the graphic novels.

Unknown Soldier, Probably one of the worst books i've read from Garth Ennis all the characters are one dimentional to the point of being annoying and the story is by the numbers. Just an all round bad read.

Movies: no movies.

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Thoughts on Ghosts and Titanfall.

A friend of mine gave me a copy of Ghosts for the xbox one yesterday, I haven't bought a COD title since Black Ops so coming back to it was a little weird especially after playing Titanfall and Planetside 2 fairly heavily last month.

After playing Titanfall for a while the whole time I was playing Ghosts I felt slow and plodding. I wanted to run and jump and fucking move , a lot of the time I got killed because I tried to evade enemies in ways the game just doesn't allow for, its passable combat but it feels a bit dated, for what was the run and gun game of choice it needs a bit more speed. However It also highlighted the lack of features in Titanfall for me.

For example my 4 hours with Ghosts was taken up with about 2 hours of multi and two hours of this weird squad AI game where you level up a squad and people can challenge them online. You can name them, set their loadout and perks, I think you might be able to change their appearance as well. Its bizarre and not needed and I spent 2 hours playing it, and I know I'm gonna go back it when I boot up the game again...It sparks the same part of my brain that X-com sparked, especially when playing kill confirmed. I care when my dudes get gunned down and their dog tags get taken. It's a weird mode in a game that already has three other modes, its totally superfluous and I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. In a way it reminds me of Soul Calibur 3's RPG mode, bell and whistles for no apparent reason but something I eventually ended putting 40 or so hours into.

The thing that's getting me about the mode is while I remember someone saying something about it on the Bombcast, there was no discussion about it and while I'm not super vigilant on videogame coverage I generally keep informed but here, in this game, there is a whole mode that I will probably sink 20+ hours into and I don't remember anyone really providing any coverage of it in any meaningful way. Like it was throwaway, not worth discussing, that it wasn't important at all. But it seems like a great idea, one that seems pretty fleshed out and fun. I also think you can play it split screen, which while not a big deal for a lot of people is a big deal for me as I play games with my friends on a regular basis.

And Squad mode its one of, I believe 4 fleshed out modes, there could be more modes lurking on that disk somewhere, I haven't dug that deep. I haven't even tried single player or the alien hoard mode thing at all.

In 4 hours of playing Titanfall I believe I would have played on every map and would probably be around level 25-35 depending on how good I was playing. I would have unlocked most of the guns and equipment, there would be little new content for me to experience. I've put a total of 20 hours or so into Titanfall and I'm done. I don't know if i'll even be done with the Squad mode in Ghosts in 20 hours, let alone the basic multiplayer and single player campaign.

I hope the Titanfall sequel, now that Respawn have the actual game under their belt, can add things like this to their game as the little touches and modes may give it some needed longevity.

So I guess what I'm saying is while I prefer the minute to minute gameplay in Titanfall, I prefer all the big and little things COD brings to the table along with good combat, not best in class, but serviceable. It gives the game a value for money feel that I just haven't gotten with any other title this year. Not from Titanfall, Infamous or Southpark. I was starting to think that even AAA development was going the way of "more focused" (read cheaper to make) games. But here is COD essentially swinging its dick around and while it may be bad form I have to say its made me remarkably happy.

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50/50/50/May first two weeks

So I don't have a huge amount of time. So here are the games I've beaten in the first two weeks of May

Just Cause 2 – I bought this new in 2010 just before I had to go away for work for a few months. I played it a bunch prior to leaving but I was mainly just going around 100% villages and doing some side mission stuff every now and then. I have to say I was blown away by the graphics and the size of the world when I was first playing it but the story and the basic gunplay felt sort of poor. So after what amounts to a 4 year hiatus I booted it up last weekend with the intention of mainlining the story and beating it.

I have to say the game is still pretty and the world was still fun to be in but it took me about an hour to remember how to play it worth a damn. Just getting the gliding mechanic down took about 30 minutes and I totally forgot about the quick travel function until I called in the arms dealer and remember he functioned as a transport.

I ended up being about 6 hours away from rolling the credits. I finished the main missions with a play time of a little over 40 hours and 38% of the game completed. I could see someone spending a lot of time in that game just 100%ing villages and military bases as the basic grappling and parachuting is super fun. I hope a third game is announced is announced at E3 and I hope they fix the narrative issues. A game with a good story and JC2’s gameplay married with some more inventive story missions would be amazing.

The Saboteur - I missed this game when it came it came out and bought it for about $18 about 2 years ago from OZ Game Shop, when I was buying old games in bulk. Again, just like Just Cause 2 I had put some time into this game but hadn’t really been following the story or making much of an effort to beat it. After I finished Just Cause 2 it seemed like a good idea to check this one off the list too. The game starts in black and white (apart from red and, occasionally blue) and you play some race car driver/explosives expert/parkouring/irishman as you try to kill some Nazi who killed your best friend, kidnapped some scientist and has taken over Paris. As you liberate parts of Paris from the Nazis with your bombs they colorize right before your eyes.

This game feels really old, while I was playing it I thought the Saboteur must have been a game from 2007/2008 but it came out at the end of 2009. It feels so old but it only came out 4 months before Just Cause 2. I actually found this bizarre and had to double check that I wasn’t playing some re-release with the wrong date on it, but no, it came out in the first week of December 2009.

The gameplay is serviceable, you can drive around, climb buildings, blow stuff up and shoot dudes. However pretty much everything The Saboteur does other games have now done better and its only cool hooks like working behind enemy line in occupied Paris are squandered by the terrible story line.

I was also not as far into it as I had thought either, it took me at least 10 hours of play (I think, it was very late when I finished) last week to beat the game and put a bullet the main antagonists face. I’m not going to pull punches, this game was a slog to finish. I love open world games and I barely touched any of the environmental stuff like blowing up watch towers and searchlights, which I generally do in these kinds of games. I liked the setting and the combat was OK but everything else in this game was mediocre to poor.

Iron Brigade – Again a blast from the past, but one I haven’t actually played before at all. I bought it for 360 at some point a year or so ago. But never actually touched it, maybe I bought it during a sale who knows?

Iron Brigade is a tower defence game in which you play a guy on a mech or a mobile trench (Trenched is the name of the game in North America) who sets up turrets, mines, and miscellaneous crap to stop the waves of “Tubes” monsters made of electronics and what looks to be TV parts from destroying the base your defending.

In addition to the emplacements you can also equip your trench with different legs, chassis and weaponry. Depending on the chassis you choose you will vary the amount of guns your trench can equip, the amount of emplacements you can call in and how much damage your trench can take.

There are a variety of different guns and emplacements and they drop randomly during battle so there is actually a heavy loot element to the game which, if you’re into that, can be fun. I enjoyed trying different equipment for the various missions, sometimes just going emplacement light/trench heavy with a powerful shotgun and grenade launcher on one arm and on the other a massive artillery piece, or just 6 great machines guns laying waste to all the small stuff. Usually though it seemed a mix of stuff was the best way to go.

The story is essentially a weird WW2 pastiche that was serviceable but not great but the voice acting was above average. It looked pretty good as well but suffered some serious hook ups and frame rate stutters, especially on the pacific boat guarding level.

I had a good time with Iron Brigade, it was a great change of pace to the Saboteur but now it’s finished I don’t know if I will bother to put any more time into it, sure I could see myself grinding to guns but I don’t think the game got its hooks in me that badly. If I had played it at launch with friends, I could see spending weeks playing.

Movies -

The Lego Movies - good time

Monuments Men - OK but a little boring.

Identity thief - My GF chose it, it was ok but very formulaic.

Iron Man 3 - Better than I expected by not fantastic.

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50/50/50 April

April has been both hectic and relaxing as I have had time off work for almost the whole month. However with a trip to Bali in the middle, getting errands done that I had been putting off and a lack of videogames I was interested in playing I honestly didn't get many games completed. I started a lot of them but not many have stuck.

Finished Games.

Yakuza 4. I got this at release, it looked pretty cool and I liked 3 (I haven't played 1 or 2) but I never got around to starting it. In a departure for the series Yakuza 4 has 4 main protagonists, rather than playing just as Kiryu. I really enjoyed playing as Akiyama, a good hearted loan shark and Saejima, a prison escapee, but the cop character Masayoshi had a pretty boring storyline and kinda dragged even though his combat style was a little refreshing. The story revolves around a hit that took place in 1985 and the various set ups and moles within the different Yakuza families. The story is a little convoluted and at times it feels really forced. They also make their protagonists heroes by the end, when they were more interesting as flawed individuals, this is especially grating with the prison escapee Saejima. The graphics are passable and mostly just look like reused assets from 3, which isn't a bad way to cut costs. The voice acting is great. Just like after playing 3 its given me an urge to go to Tokyo.

Infamous second Son: Now I didn't like Infamous that much but with few AAA titles on PS4, my nostalgia for Seattle (I lived there for a few years in the late 90's early 2000's, and I've been back fairly recently) and my love of open world games I had to pick this up. First thing is first, the game is beautiful. The lighting and the facial modelling/animation is fantastic. I have a pretty good PC (i5/760) but I've felt like the PC has been hamstrung by last gen console development. If console games are going to look this good I cant wait to see high end PC ports in a few years time. Now the bad news , while the graphics are great for some reason your character seems to be on the world, not in it. I don't know if this is just because the game lacked polish or what but you walk on puddles not through them, when you climb walls you just kind twitch up them, its doesn't look like Delsin is actually climbing. Its like there is an inch deep forcefield around the character and it stops him from actually interacting with anything. The city looks nice but apart from one or two buildings (and ads for the stranger and subpop) it doesn't really look or feel like Seattle, which was disappointing. The combat was serviceable and occasionally got fun. The storyline was also serviceable, and moved the story along but it wasn't amazing. The open world was under utilized and felt empty. After Saints Row 4 open world super hero games need to step up a bit in the fun department and after GTA V I expect "based on real world places" to be a bit more real world. All this game really did is get me excited for GTA V on PC and current console (whenever that happens) and the next Saints Row. I don't think I would have bought this had there been more games coming out.

Other Games that have had significant time invested:

Planetside 2: MMO Can never be finished, played a lot over my holidays

Fract OSC: I'm almost done with the lead synth parts and I have the first green puzzle done but I don't know if I'll finish, its not really for me.

Dust An Elysian Tale: I'm about 90 minutes in and I'm just not feeling it. I know its a combo game but the whole thing feels floaty and I don't like the visual design.


Earth: a book by the Daily Show, its like a basic text book for Aliens once humanity wipes itself out. It was pretty funny, lots of very short jokes about almost everything. It could have used some more depth on specific topics but that would have ruined the premise of the book. I recommend for people who like the Daily Show.

Not So Funny When It Happened: a collection of pieces of writing about travelling and misadventure. I read it because I was about to go on a trip and I like a few of the Authors in the collection. Too bad most of the stories were dull and I had read the stuff from the authors I already liked. I was expecting humours misadventure what I got was bad stories about old women feeling embarrassed in swimsuits. It was not good.

Transmetropolitan: graphic Novel 1: I think I may have read this during its first run as actual comic books back in the 90's but I'm going to count it anyway because I could not recall or must have missed some of it (the bit with the president for example). Anyway Spider Jerusalem comes down from the mountains back to the city he both despises and needs because his spent the his publishing advance and needs to write some books. He gets a job with an old associate to pay the rent and starts digging into the news. I still like Transmetropolitan Its amazing how dated the future described in it feels and its sad to see Spider fighting many of the things we, here in the future have just quietly rolled over on. Still good made me rather sad however.

Lonely Planet Guide to Bali: OK so I was unsure if I should put this here but I decided fuck it, Its 100+ pages long, I read everything in it before and during my trip. It counts. Its just not very interesting for anyone who isn't going to Bali.

Movies.....Or fuck I've watched a lot of Movies so many I'm only going to spend a few words on each.

The Raid 2: Fuck Yes, goes see it if you like action at all.

The Grand Budapest: it you like Anderson go see it, a bit twee for me.

The Wolverine: better than the first, still not that great.

Thor the Dark World: Liked the last fight scene, everything else was bleagh.

Miami Connection: yes I sat through it, I like bad moves, Revenge of the Ninja for example, is actually one of my favourite movies and I can usually find some redeeming thing in most films but this was pretty terrible. The fights were awful, the plot of dumb and convoluted at the same time, it was shot poorly. The fucking friends song from Blood Dragon played twice, both times for significantly longer than necessary. I can't recommend even for people who like bad films.

The Rock: Yep I never saw the whole thing before. I didn't miss much, its average at best.

I Know there were some others but I can't remember them.

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more stuff 50/50/50

Titalfall, beat campaign up to level 31, I will get to 50.

Thomas Pynchon Inherent Vice, this is actually the book that I had in mind when I started the 50/50/50 challenge. I've had it on my shelf for years, tormenting me. I've pick it up numerous times and kind of enjoyed it but I usually get about 20% done and just put it aside. I cant tell you why, its pretty well written the characters are kinda cool, I like the subject matter but boom, nothing. This time though I got through, Read about Doc and his searching for Micky and the Golden Fang and all that early 70's hippie LA culture. It was pretty good, in the end.

The Secret like of Walter Mitty....what a bunch of beautiful but pointless images and words. I was tremendously bored by these pretty pictures.

Beast of the Southern Wild, This movie was pretty dope, mainly well shot (apart from some hand held cam shit I could not stand) and pretty emotional. The bathtub seemed like a pretty cool place until it got washed away.

Last Vegas: the synopsis of this movie is terrible, it boils down to old man wish fulfilment and most of the bits are frankly fucking terrible (old dudes throw a party and 50 Cent wants to come but cant, old dues judge a Bikini contest, old dudes sucker punch a young bro, Wooo!) but in the small moments you remember that its Di Niro, Freeman, Douglas, and to a lesser degree Kline and those guys can sell almost anything. I would have preferred a movie about the dudes interaction rather than a set piece bland comedy.

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50/50/50 12/02/2014 - 18/02/2014

Books: I haven't read a new book all week, my reading time is currently taken up with list writing for Warhammer Fantasy, which its really starting to do my head in. Lots of cross references back and forth between the Warriors of Chaos book, the main rulebook and the tournament victory conditions pamphlet. I've spent hours on this this week.


LOTR war in the North. Well that game is a pile of shit. easily the worst game I have played so far. You play as one of three characters, elf, dude, and Dwarf Their are weird design decisions all the way through, such as you can switch characters when travelling locations and you can level those characters up and equip them but when you change back they seem to unequip everything and randomly assign skill tree points, for example I put all the dude's points into bow and two handed stuff, when I changed to the elf he started to do the invisible skills. The game is also difficult in place and stupid easy in others, It also feel cheap, a lot of the enemies are not effected by your attacks and their animation continues even when you hit them hard. There was one point I wanted to throw the controller at the wall, I had to kill two trolls before they broke through a door you get about 10 troll hits before they get through. I played this for about 90 minutes and only beat it when I got lucky and one of the trolls just stopped doing anything. Which brings me to glitches, occasionally the NPC's wont follow you or you'll get stuck in terrain or you'll drink a potion and for some reason this time you wont move while you do it while other times its perfectly fine. this is a game I would not have finished if it wasn't for the 50/50/50 challenge.

Jazzpunk. It was singular, The best way to describe it is as a really easy adventure game with some very quick mini games and a particular sense of humour and style. I wouldn't way the game is funny, but it is absurd and it sticks with its concept 100%. I had issues with the music, too much repeating 4 or 5 bars in each level, the most annoying of which was the first level. In the end the annoying music is what made me stop looking for the little quirks and jokes in each level.


Now You See Me, I am mixed on this movie. I like the basic premise magician's pulling heists and the acting from most of the characters except from one or two actors was pretty good, but the actual story, Secret magician's robin hood club initiates are pulling heists..... Spoiler I wont go any further than that but it is exactly what you think it is all the way through and a by the numbers no chemistry "romance". Also I couldn't suspend my disbelief enough in regard to the FX, if this movie is to be given any credence magicians have had seriously advanced tech for a long time.

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50/50/50 5/02/2014 to 11/02/2014

Books: Ritual America, its nicely presented book about the secret societies throughout American history, Ive actually been reading it off and on for about three weeks. It was a little dry and it would sometimes have the effect of sending me to sleep. Its primarily focused on the Masons, their internal struggles and the societies around Masons. It might have been a bit better if it gave as much time to the Oddfellows or the Elks. But I understand that the Masons are the big granddaddy of secret societies. I enjoyed the book and the layout and pictures were excellent all in all a great package.

Deadpool 2: Look I didn't like the first one but I picked up the second. Am I an idiot? Maybe. But this trade was actually pretty good. Lotsa jokes, interesting premise that didn't get bogged down, great fake 70/80's comic to start the whole thing off, and the art is still great. I really enjoyed it, Ill probably pick up the third one next time I see it.

Games: I haven't finished anything. I started Jazzpunk but the repetitive music almost drove me insane in half an hour so I stopped I also started LOTR War In The North, Im like in Chapter 4 or something. I dunno if I can take much more. This is the kind of game I might buy but then wouldn't finish and its exactly this reason I started the 50/50/50 to begin with.


I have watched a few (fist of legend, the life Aquatic) but I've seen them before so it don't count.

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50/50/50 29/01/2014 - 4/02/2014

So this week was a hard week.

Books: Zip, didn't finish anything, barely read anything at all. My bad.


Honeymoon in Las Vegas, I bought this on the cheap. I'm a sucker for old Vegas and being made in 87 this actually delivers a little. Everyone I've spoke about the movie to immediately thinks I have the name wrong, and say "no, I believe it's leaving Las Vegas" and I say "Fuck no it ain't, its another movie from Nic Cage set In LV bitch, and its super crappy in comparison to Leaving Las Vegas." any way the movie revolves around Nic Gages character and Sarah Jessica-Parker (who actually looks pretty hot in this) going to Vegas for a quickie wedding. Nic gets in too deep during a poker game with James Caan a rich asshole gambler and Nic essentially whores out SJP. SJP starts to fall for Caan and hilarity ensues as Nic flies from LV to NY to Hawaii back to LV all trying to find SJP. In the end Nic jumps out of a plane with a bunch of Elvises. This is one of those comedies that seems written by a person who has had the concept of humour explained to them but they have never actually laughed before. The premise is OK the acting is so so, some of the bits are good on paper....but nothing really works.

Semi Pro: I bought this because after Anchorman 2 I though I was writing off Will Farrell a bit too much, This movie it a pile of shit though so now I don't know what to think. Again on paper it sounds like its going to be a lot like Anchorman, its set in the 70's Will Farrell is playing a semi celebrity who it totally up himself, that dude from Zombieland is in it. then there is just far to much terrible basketball on screen and hardly any bits at all, If anything It felt like this was almost a fucking sports drama rather than a comedy.


Civ 5. I bought this during a steam sale. I am not huge on strat games, I play one maybe once every 5 years or so. The last one I sank my teeth into was Iron Hearts 2. So I don't have a way to really compare this or really evaluate it in any meaningful way. I played over 30 hours of this this week and lost one game, and won 2 games, a small game and a huge game, The game I lost, I honestly have no idea what I could have done other than start in a better place the two games I the smaller game was pretty close me and the AI seemed to be going for the same VC but I seemed to be ahead in tech so I dumped into the that condition and won. the big game I essentially steam rolled everyone. it took like fucking 17 hours or something. Now civ isn't a game you "beat" but I think ive put my time in and i've enjoyed it....Id probably start another large game if I wasn't working on this fucking 50/50/50 thing.

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