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50/50/50 29/01/2014 - 4/02/2014

So this week was a hard week.

Books: Zip, didn't finish anything, barely read anything at all. My bad.


Honeymoon in Las Vegas, I bought this on the cheap. I'm a sucker for old Vegas and being made in 87 this actually delivers a little. Everyone I've spoke about the movie to immediately thinks I have the name wrong, and say "no, I believe it's leaving Las Vegas" and I say "Fuck no it ain't, its another movie from Nic Cage set In LV bitch, and its super crappy in comparison to Leaving Las Vegas." any way the movie revolves around Nic Gages character and Sarah Jessica-Parker (who actually looks pretty hot in this) going to Vegas for a quickie wedding. Nic gets in too deep during a poker game with James Caan a rich asshole gambler and Nic essentially whores out SJP. SJP starts to fall for Caan and hilarity ensues as Nic flies from LV to NY to Hawaii back to LV all trying to find SJP. In the end Nic jumps out of a plane with a bunch of Elvises. This is one of those comedies that seems written by a person who has had the concept of humour explained to them but they have never actually laughed before. The premise is OK the acting is so so, some of the bits are good on paper....but nothing really works.

Semi Pro: I bought this because after Anchorman 2 I though I was writing off Will Farrell a bit too much, This movie it a pile of shit though so now I don't know what to think. Again on paper it sounds like its going to be a lot like Anchorman, its set in the 70's Will Farrell is playing a semi celebrity who it totally up himself, that dude from Zombieland is in it. then there is just far to much terrible basketball on screen and hardly any bits at all, If anything It felt like this was almost a fucking sports drama rather than a comedy.


Civ 5. I bought this during a steam sale. I am not huge on strat games, I play one maybe once every 5 years or so. The last one I sank my teeth into was Iron Hearts 2. So I don't have a way to really compare this or really evaluate it in any meaningful way. I played over 30 hours of this this week and lost one game, and won 2 games, a small game and a huge game, The game I lost, I honestly have no idea what I could have done other than start in a better place the two games I the smaller game was pretty close me and the AI seemed to be going for the same VC but I seemed to be ahead in tech so I dumped into the that condition and won. the big game I essentially steam rolled everyone. it took like fucking 17 hours or something. Now civ isn't a game you "beat" but I think ive put my time in and i've enjoyed it....Id probably start another large game if I wasn't working on this fucking 50/50/50 thing.

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