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50/50/50 5/02/2014 to 11/02/2014

Books: Ritual America, its nicely presented book about the secret societies throughout American history, Ive actually been reading it off and on for about three weeks. It was a little dry and it would sometimes have the effect of sending me to sleep. Its primarily focused on the Masons, their internal struggles and the societies around Masons. It might have been a bit better if it gave as much time to the Oddfellows or the Elks. But I understand that the Masons are the big granddaddy of secret societies. I enjoyed the book and the layout and pictures were excellent all in all a great package.

Deadpool 2: Look I didn't like the first one but I picked up the second. Am I an idiot? Maybe. But this trade was actually pretty good. Lotsa jokes, interesting premise that didn't get bogged down, great fake 70/80's comic to start the whole thing off, and the art is still great. I really enjoyed it, Ill probably pick up the third one next time I see it.

Games: I haven't finished anything. I started Jazzpunk but the repetitive music almost drove me insane in half an hour so I stopped I also started LOTR War In The North, Im like in Chapter 4 or something. I dunno if I can take much more. This is the kind of game I might buy but then wouldn't finish and its exactly this reason I started the 50/50/50 to begin with.


I have watched a few (fist of legend, the life Aquatic) but I've seen them before so it don't count.

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