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50/50/50 challange

So I'm doing the 50/50/50 challenge to read 50 books, play 50 games and watch 50 movies over 2014.

I'm hoping this will get me to read some of those books that have been sitting on my shelf for a long time and watch some movies that I usually wouldn't watch, Games are going to be an issue as I generally don't even buy 50 games a year let alone beat them.

There aren't really any official rules for this so Ill give you a lowdown on my self imposed rules.

Movies: these need to be feature length movies (longer than an hour) that I have not seen before. They don't need to be released this year but I can't have seen them before.

Books: These need to be books that I have not read before, it can be fiction, non-fiction, I am also going to include graphic novels.

Games: I am going to allow myself to replay games, however certain parameters must be met the replay must be either be on a new system (console to PC) or including DLC....there must be something new to it.

Week One 1st January 2014 until 7 January 2014 I've finished:


1. One Summer by Bill Bryson. A book in which Bryson take us on a tangential journey through American in the Summer of 1927. Babe Ruth breaks his own home run record, Lindbergh makes the first New York to Paris flight and becomes and instant superstar, some anarchists are executed and bankers essentially make a decision that will result in the great depression. It was written well, like all of Bryson's books breezy and lightly comedic. The only flaw was that the epilogue, following up with the principle players felt too brief.


1. Troll Hunter, found footage "horror" film about some university students who follow a guy who they think is a poacher but is really... a troll hunter. It was a good time, I had a few drinks and enjoyed the straight up stupidity in front of me. The shaky cam was not too distracting.

2. The World's End, the third movie in the Cornetto trilogy and I personally think it was much better than Hot Fuzz. It deals with a alcoholic who tries to relive his best night with the friends who have left him behind due to his own actions, and at some point during the night they stumble into a conspiracy of alien robots, much action ensues. The action was well choreographed and the humour was dead on target. Only the ending was a bit disappointing.


1. Dead Rising 3, I liked the first two, but I really liked this one, I got this with my Xbox1 and have just been restarting over and over levelling up once I got to level 50 and went on to finish it. Hundreds of zombies on screen, bosses who are totally nutballs, and a particularly silly story. I killed many many zombies, I finished on 71,143 zombies killed.

2. Saints Row 4, So I was done with every new game I had (not beaten but just kinda done) so I bought this on a Steam sale. I have played and finished SR4 on the 360 I was interested to see how this would run on my newish PC, I was able to run it on highest settings and a rock solid frame rate. I also bought the DLC and beat that as well. It was a fun time. The superhero mechanics are fun the story is OK (I still prefer SR2 and 3) the only issue I have with the game is the lack of music and the repeating of jokes from SR3. The music just seems to repeat a lot more often than it did in 3, its not even in the same league as GTA 5. The DLC was kinda weird ETD was almost just fan service with it's story board cut scenes and SSC was just bad.

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