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Another game finished:

Call of Duty Ghosts, I beat the campaign, It was fine. The space stuff was pretty fucking cool. If you've played COD you know whats up. Shout out to all the additional modes and stuff, some of that stuff is super fun especially squads, its very much my kind of thing.


101 places to get fucked up, I've got a bit of a travel bug ATM and I bought this to get an idea of where to go next, well maybe I don't know. Libson and Savannah have moved up the list and it reinforced my urge to go to Burning Man. Some of it came off as super hipsterish or a little mainstream ( I have already been to a few of the places on the list and many of the places mentioned were easy to find/touristy/only for skinny Jeans types.

Transmetropolitan book 2. much more of a collection of separate issues than the first one, alot about cryogenics and transhumanism. Still good maybe I will continue to pick up the graphic novels.

Unknown Soldier, Probably one of the worst books i've read from Garth Ennis all the characters are one dimentional to the point of being annoying and the story is by the numbers. Just an all round bad read.

Movies: no movies.

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