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more stuff 50/50/50

Titalfall, beat campaign up to level 31, I will get to 50.

Thomas Pynchon Inherent Vice, this is actually the book that I had in mind when I started the 50/50/50 challenge. I've had it on my shelf for years, tormenting me. I've pick it up numerous times and kind of enjoyed it but I usually get about 20% done and just put it aside. I cant tell you why, its pretty well written the characters are kinda cool, I like the subject matter but boom, nothing. This time though I got through, Read about Doc and his searching for Micky and the Golden Fang and all that early 70's hippie LA culture. It was pretty good, in the end.

The Secret like of Walter Mitty....what a bunch of beautiful but pointless images and words. I was tremendously bored by these pretty pictures.

Beast of the Southern Wild, This movie was pretty dope, mainly well shot (apart from some hand held cam shit I could not stand) and pretty emotional. The bathtub seemed like a pretty cool place until it got washed away.

Last Vegas: the synopsis of this movie is terrible, it boils down to old man wish fulfilment and most of the bits are frankly fucking terrible (old dudes throw a party and 50 Cent wants to come but cant, old dues judge a Bikini contest, old dudes sucker punch a young bro, Wooo!) but in the small moments you remember that its Di Niro, Freeman, Douglas, and to a lesser degree Kline and those guys can sell almost anything. I would have preferred a movie about the dudes interaction rather than a set piece bland comedy.

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