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My Custom Fighting Game

If I had the chance to create a fighting game and use any video game characters that I wanted, this would be my roster.

The title of the game would be:

Identity Zero

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The story behind the game would be that all these fighters/adventurers were taken from their worlds to compete in a high risk fight-to-the-death tournament for The Watcher's entertainment. The Watchers are a group of 7 cosmic beings who watch and study each and every planet in each and every solar system in each and every time zone, dimension and realm, mostly without intervention. Using their omnipotent powers, they hold this tournament every "shift". A shift is a cosmic alignment between every world and dimension in the universe. The Watchers celebrate each "shift" by hosting one of these tournaments.

List items

  • Weapons: M16 Rifle w/ grenade launcher, Electronic Taser Gun, Concussion Grenades, Rocket Launcher.

    Special Skills: "LAST STAND" If power meter is filled, player will go into last stand mode. Once in Last Stand, the player can either choose to fire pistol at enemy before succumbing to death or detonate a C4 explosive. If opponents health is low enough, Last Stand can be the deciding factor in the battle. Using the C4 option however kills both opponents (if opponents health is low enough) resulting in a DRAW.

  • Weapons: (VARIES: Can "steal" opponents weapons for a short period of time after disarming opponent.

    Special Skills: "FREE RUNNER" Faith's power meter boosts player's speed, stamina, endurance and agility. Once meter is filled (and if player is using a projectile weapon)player can initiate "THE EDGE" which allows Faith to steal the other players weapon while for a short period of time. Along with the perk, Faith is also indestructible until the "boost" ends.

  • Weapons: Spear, Great Knife, Metallic Head, Projectile Blood Vomit, Grasping Chain.

    Special Skills: "Execution Distribution." If power meter is filled, player can activate this perk. Once activated, Pyramid Head goes into a chaotic frenzy, chopping, slamming and dicing in all directions with powerful swings from his Great Knife. "...err?" This perk is activated once power meter is filled and player's health is diminished. Pyramid Head falls defeated to the floor and from his lifeless body spawns three "Nurses". They eerily claw their way out of Pyramid Head's body and pose around him like demonic bloody statues. This perk is only for visual entertainment and does not help the player in battle in any way.

  • Weapons: Scythe (fire, Shade), Holy Cross (Holy Light, Shield).

    Special Skills: "For My Dear Beatrice" Once meter bar is filled and perk is activated, Dante turns into a black shadowy figure before screaming to the sky. Once activated, Dante's health quickly drains, but his attacks become substantially stronger. While in this mode, Dante does not flinch when hit, but damage can still be inflicted upon him. Also, wherever he steps, fiery embers follow him which can also inflict damage upon enemies.

  • Weapons: 12 Gauge Shotgun, Hunting Knife, Air Support, mace, poison herbs.

    Special Skills: "I Need Health!" Once meter bar is filled, player can activate this perk. Once activated, Sheva will pull dual syringes out of her pack and attack her enemy with them. For every blow she lands, her health will increase as well as decrease her enemies health as she steals it from them. "Better In Time" If meter bar is filled at the time of the player's defeat, this perk will be activated. Once activated, Sheva pulls a single syringe out of her pack and jabs herself in the neck with it. This gives Sheva a small amount of health while turning the screen dark red for both players for the remainder of the game.

  • --------DLC--------

  • --------DLC--------

  • --------DLC-------- Weapons: Beretta Hand Gun, Laser Projectiles (from eyeglasses), Enemy Mimicry (Players screen will emit stat estimations that foretells opponents next moves before they are made based on past attacks.

    Special Skills: "See No Evil" Once power bar is filled, this perk can be activated. Player will toss eyeglasses rapidly towards opponent and will land upon their face if they are not blocking. Once there, the glasses will emit an electric shock that disorients the opponent by changing the enemy player's background to various environmental environments. Their screen will also shake and turn the player's view upside down for a short period of time.

  • --------DLC--------

  • --------DLC--------

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