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@jadegl said:

@nmc2008: The problem that I had with the set-up when I read the article was that it was never fair to begin with. There was no female only Hearthstone tournament. Women only had tournaments for Tekken Tag and StarCraft II. Men had tournaments for other games, including Hearthstone. That made some Hearthstone players upset, probably female ones that didn't have a way to participate. My main problem with the entire premise was that if they have tournaments, make them equal. That means mix them (easiest, fairest option) or have one for each game for each gender, cost be damned at that point. It's really that simple.

Oh... I thought the first grouping had both groups playing all games... well that's dumb, why only two games?

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@wrecks said:

Grilled. If no grill, boiled. If no stove, nuked. If no microwave, raw dog.

Now that's something I would never do for some reason, I can't.

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@nmc2008: the reason it's a big deal is men de facto have their own space already because of how hostile certain environments can be to women. now that's not to say there aren't environments that are hostile to men as well, and that's not cool, but let's face it, there are a LOT more of those for women than men.

Such as? I am curious, I mean I feel like things can become out of control pretty much anywhere for anyone and anytime.

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Digital Future HOOOOOOOO!!!!! -_- So wait, it's not on your console? They can't remove it from your console can they? Can they? Let me check mine.....mine is still here and works fine.

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Hot Dogs & Hot Links - Boiled or grilled

Common Breakfast Meats - Fried or Broiled

Every other sausage type - grilled.

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@jadegl said:

@nmc2008: I assume you're trying to say that the "special treatment" in this situation is a net benefit or gain for women. I would argue it's actually quite patronizing. Either have a separate men's tournament and a separate women's tournament for all the games they feature or do all mixed tournaments.

This was not what they were originally doing, so it was inherently unfair. They were saying men will have tournaments for a, b, c and d games while women get tournament for a and z. So men not only had more games to play than the women's offerings, but they also had different games. As someone said earlier, what makes Tekken Tag a women's game and not a men's game? What makes Street Fighter IV the opposite? It made no sense to me as an outsider looking in. Games are games and the people who play them shouldn't be portioned out as though one side is more delicate than the other or one side is "better" than the other.

As a woman, If I had a choice between a mixed tournament and a women's only tournament, I would pick the mixed tournament every single day of the week. The thought at the back of my mind would be that I would never get any real recognition from people if I won the women's tournament when there is a mixed tournament going on at the same time. In the back of some minds, there would be talk that you were good enough to do well with the other women, but if you joined the other tournament you'd get smoked because guys are just better. Duh. This is similar to me when I see people argue the numbers of actual women who play games. Whenever the numbers come up that say close to half play games, a deluge of people chime in and say that they aren't playing "real" games, they're playing Facebook games and Candy Crush, so they aren't really gamers. I would feel worse for not trying my absolute best, which would be the mixed tournament that has, what I would assume, the best players of both genders.

Now the only good argument, I suppose, for this is that some women may be intimidated by joining the men. Well, intimidation is a natural part of competition. Maybe men are also intimidated by women, why wouldn't they get the benefit of not facing them? I think segregating only leads to bad things and reinforces stereotypes. I understand it in some instances, classes at a gym for instance where women would otherwise not exercise at all and decide to pay for the added privacy, but I don't approve of it in most other cases, especially the situation that precipitated this post.

All I am saying is that if they had a female group and a male group, people complained, now they have a female group and an everybody group, but why can't it be either an everybody group or a female/male/mixed, but that's too damn much, so if they decided to cave then they should have just had an everybody group. Now special treatment was perhaps the wrong word(my mistake)to use, but I think it's kinda unfair to keep the female only and toss the male only, that's all i'm saying. I think my whole deal is that society(from my POV)seems to be ok with women having their own space for them but when dudes want their own space they have issues with it and call it sexist and unfair and to me that is sexist and unfair. *shrugs* That's just how I see it though, I am about fairness for both sides at all times and this seems a bit unfair and it seems like most are fine with things being unfair as long as it's in womens' favor. *shrugs* I think they should have gave the male and female groups a shot, I think it would have game women a time to shine.

I mean look at EVO, where the ladies at? Cheering from the back? Is that how it's gonna be all the time? I dunno but I can almost guarantee that EVO 2014 will have probably 1 lady in the top tier spot, probably.... probably. I really don't care too much about this stuff to be honest but I thought it was interesting that they were doing separate groups but alas they were pressured into changing it, that seems to be how things go these days, if we don't like what someone does we will press their faces to the pavement and demand change, sucks. FYI, I am not talking about big shit, I am talking about petty bullshit, like video games, real world bullshit that needs change is fine but carrying that mentality into entertainment which are expressions of art is really grinding my gears. Hey if the participants prefer it this way great, it should be all about them anyway.

I think I am full of pent up aggression from years of stupid petty bullshit from the game community and press. *shrugs* -_- I do apologize to anyone whom may have taken offense of my comment but things are getting rough and I don't know how to ignore it. -_-

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@darthorange said:

She is so full of poop it is coming out of her ears.

*makes mental image* *unzips pants*

*uses rusty salad tongs to zip pants back* It's not time yet, wait for the bell.

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@andrewb said:

I've been listening to the past Bombcasts, basically the mirror-week of the same time last year, for awhile now leading up to the day (including the one where they honor Ryan and the first one without him).

You're in our hearts forever, Ryan. We miss you...

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I don't wear glasses, I will raise this solo cup with a quarter of Grape Sunkist left in it, now the cup is empty.

He said "glass." Obviously he mean Google Glass. Do you own a pair?

What's a Google? A google of gooses? Stop that crazy talk right now.

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I feel like they made it worse, why have a female only section and not a male only section? I am curious, are women the only ones allowed to have their own space? I feel like if they were gonna cave to the pressure then they should have just had it as one big thing, now it looks like women get special treatment. *shrugs* Ah well, everyone is happy I guess.


how would that make even the slightest difference, it's literally just changing the name

What are you talking about exactly? I am confused.

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@mems1224 said:

She has a valid complaint. I mean, its like Rockstar wasn't even trying to hide the fact that they were stealing her likeness

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Goddammit Lohams, you used to be perfect, now you're......... something else. :(