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Wild Arms

I played about 90 hours. Almost maxed each character and was exploring on a boat. When I came back to my save I found that the boat was, some how, in an inland lake. There was no way to get off the boat and no way to get out of the lake. I found a bloody glitch and it ruined my game. Never returned to it, nor the series, again.

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@trafalgarlaw: Dual wielding is boss! So much damage when you power swing, you can kill most typical enemies in a single attack.

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This game needs the full crew, 3 hours, and all the alcohol for a quick look. The greatest quick look!

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#4 Edited by Nodachie (86 posts) - is a web site that offers genetic sequencing for $99. It also offers to show you interesting facts about your genetic history, health and other fun info. I would argue that having this known to you, and your physicians, is as important as a medical history file.

Everyone, whether they like it or not, are already under close watch by your own government (unless you live in Detroit). Having medical information on a government mainframe might be useful for general health practices. Anyway, why should you worry if you don't plan on being a criminal.

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I like to finish a game with a nice Seasonal Mead or Absinthe

Generally, I'm done with a game when I get bored of it.

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Sex sells. Attractive people, men and women, get more attention and are generally treated better. Charisma is more then a dump stat in D&D. That's just the way the human species works.

Of course, it does not mean people who could be considered less attractive are worth any less. Of course, people's worth is not wholly based on visual appearance Of course, there are exceptions to things.


As a generality, men and women want to achieve some idealistic look. Typically that can be found in popular culture, or represented in what god(s) they worship. When a human being sees a person of idealistic proportions it peeks his / hers attention. The human is then compelled to investigate it and may become prone to suggestion in pursuit of said person. For example, EVERY COMMERCIAL AND ADVERTISEMENT IN THE WORLD.

If you don't like it try to buy nothing that sells their product with any kind of sex. Just stop going to whatever site you've been going and stick to

Also, as a pro tip: Use the system in your favor. It's human nature. Go out, buy something stylish, I suggest Stacy Adams and enjoy being treated better in life.

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@TobbRobb: LOL, love that news article.

Cats are for the city, dogs for the country.

Side note: F! those toy dogs that are good for nothing. Go with a Mastiff a real dog that can do real stuff, like save your life

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I would like to present evidence of horrific violence before the existence of horrific media.

Bath School Disaster

It happened in 1927. A man blew up part of an elementary school. There is no known reason, no evidence to a motive and he did not live to be questioned why.

Correlation does not imply causation. In regards to violence that people do, I would like to remind them that we are a violent species. I cannot argue that children who watched Power Rangers didn't act out poor karate but all kids act out what they see. It's part of social learning called imitation. Social learning usually leads to appropriate and acceptable behavior but that can be perverted by environments that encourage inappropriate activity. (Like neglectful or asinine parents for example.)

People are comforted by knowing who, what where and why. Even if that reason is God, the Devil and an ancient popular guy. Blaming the unknowable reasoning of others on unfamiliar stimuli has been happening throughout history. Often it's later accepted to be falsified and based on irrational hysteria. It is just that video games are still a "new" thing and the media is so provocative and pervasive that we see the blame be put on it.

Just wait...maybe in about 10 or so years these ignorant fools will die off. Then WE (as in our younger, hipper, generation) will get to blame all the awful of the world on what ever is the new hot thing. Maybe it'll be those damn space elevators or wearable computers.

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Before they patched out the infinite souls cheat...I gathered over 90,000,000 and then dropped off a cliff, twice. My controller has a sticky stick, i learned.

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I'm going on a vacation to Tarpon Springs, FL over the week of Xmas. I've been there before to visit family over the holidays and we'll be staying with my air force Sargent brother-in-law. He's a joker and a tough guy, and I dislike beaches, sports and alcohol.

I was given the opportunity to make the activity choices while we're out there. That's the problem, I don't know what to do...I've done Universal and not interested in Disney. It would be fun to see a concert like Electric Six or Cruxshadows but there's so many venues I can't find a comprehensive listing.

If you live in Florida and/or knows what is unique and fun there, let me know. I'm at a loss and would like any suggestions.