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Alright, I mostly dig it, but two things that are inconvenient at this point:

  • Getting a reverse chronological list is too far down, with a bunch of random recommendations in the way. I keep mostly up to date, but not to the day, being able to scroll chronologically is more valuable than recs for us old timers without a pile of shame.
  • The horizontal video carousels need to be draggable on touch interfaces. Seriously, touch interface even on desktop apps is non negotiable now.

Incidentally, the old annoyance that it was next to impossible to turn on fill browser using touch is gone, not sure if by design or not, but it's still fiddly. This is a solved issue on Netflix, Youtube and other video players. I can work around it, but I shouldn't have to.

Otherwise, it's looking nice. Looking forward to updates being fully real time so I can migrate to it full-on.

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Anyone else now getting the "Manage Settings" prompt on top of the screen at all times? I actually see it in both beta and old school and it's extremely annoying.

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Alternate etymology powers go!

So... you call films films because they were stored on celluloid film. By that measure, you'd probably call games "tapes" or "cartridges", depending on whether you're American or European (because, you see, consoles got big in the US, but at the time microcomputers using tapes got big in Europe).

You call them movies because, well, it's moving pictures. That's harder. You could call them "touchies" or "controllies", but that sounds dumb, so you probably wouldn't. Maybe instead, you'd got full metonymy and call them "arcades", "controllers" or "joysticks". Loads of people here going with "interactives", but that word didn't get thrown around at games too much early on. I guess it's not out of the question, but still.

What if it went the way of other art form? You call theatre "plays" and music "songs", so obviously games would be "programs" or "designs", right? In fact, in Europe they did get called "programs" for a while early on. That could have stuck.

And finally, there's books and book genres, like novel or essay. I guess there the generic would be really hard. The etymology of book is "document or charter", so I guess we're back at "program" or "tape", but the genres could be more interesting. You wouldn't say "I'm playing a program" as much as just say "I'm playing a FPS" or "I'm playing an MMO" and assume that the thing referring to the medium speaks of the physical object more than it does of the actual content it carries.

Did... did I take this too seriously? I did, didn't I?

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@test0r: Yeah, there already is a permanent place to edit my settings in my profile blurb. It's weird that this is the thing to get hung up on, while, as others are mentioning, some of the "you have to go to a different site to opt out" stuff seems like it shouldn't fly.

Anyway, hopefully you'll figure it out soon. I have to say, I'm mostly very happy about the effects of GDPR. I've learned a lot about how my data was used and, at least in properly compliant sites, I've had an easy time opting out of the stuff that seems iffy.

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@assirra said:

The issue with the gameplay is that Platinum was really tied down in the terms of encouters they could throw against you. The gameplay itself has some crazy tools that can make you do really insane nonsense like this.


Loading Video...

That's a great point. The combo system isn't the only piece of Automata that feels like it's overdesigned while not fitting any function in the game as it stands, but it's definitely up there. You can mix and match two weapons, level them independently, combo them very flexibly... but it really isn't necessary to use any of those tools in the game as you experience it. It's a key without a lock.

I'm sure if you're dedicated enough you can make yourself use it for really impressive effect, but the way I engaged with Automata a lot of those tools went to complete waste.

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@efesell: Yep. Agree to disagree indeed. Fortunately we don't need to, say, somehow find an agreement to align on a list of the best games of the year or anything.

Which is why I'm expecting a bloodbath for the ages. Kinda hoping I'm wrong :)

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@efesell: Yeah, but it's still a repetitive chore to play saddled with a bad map and a superfluous levelling system. What I'm saying is that Nier was a tedious 2010 game and Automata is a tedious 2017 game, both with intriguing-if-convoluted stories. Besides the more overt sci-fi motif and the more anime art design my personal path through both games was basically identical (i.e. play 20 hours of them, lose patience, go watch plot videos on the Internet to know how it ends).

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@efesell said:
@assirra said:
@noelveiga said:

Boy, this is gonna get rough about Automata, isn't it?

I'm a bit baffled about this game making such a splash and an impact to a few of the crew. It really isn't that different from the first Nier, either in story or in gameplay. I guess the art design is weirder than the western version of Nier? Maybe robot maids really make a different to the Giant Bomb guys? I mean, the original Nier is a pretty good game, and Automata is... fine too, I guess. But this is already getting mean (hang in there, Abby), and I'm not sure I'm looking forward to enduring another fifteen hours of Brad going to war.

Have you considered that maybe none of the staff played the original Nier? All Yoko Taro's games before now were basically low budget cult classics with a very low minority actually playing them. Hell it wasn't before the internet and let's plays that Nier was getting known at all. Also, the gameplay of the original Nier leaves a lot to be desired.

Before Internet and Lets plays is an odd way to talk about a game that came out in 2010 but the point stands, I think. I don't think anyone on staff put any time into the original beyond whoever did the quick look way back.

So yeah this is a lot of peoples first full dive into Yoko Taros style but I also don't wanna take away from Automata by saying that because I still think it is probably his best actual attempt at storytelling. Most of Drakengard is dumb as hell and the great parts of original Nier are blocked by a lot more tedium.

I mean... fair enough, but they did Quick Look it and I'm pretty sure Brad has referenced the connections between Automata and earlier Yoko Taro games at least a few times, so he must have done some research at least.

About the other points... I don't know, I bounced off of Automata about as far in as I did the original Nier (ended up watching the rest on YouTube both times). I don't find the gameplay that much more appealing in Automata. By 2017 standards, Automata plays about a rough as Nier did in 2010.

Of course, that's a matter of opinion, but the reverence for Automata if you've at least glimpsed the nonsense around Yoko Taro games is a bit... sudden? I guess? I can't imagine anybody being so militant for Automata as some of the guys are this year who wouldn't at least have enjoyed Nier at the time.

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This thread looks like the nerdiest CIA secret document ever.

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@iamjohn: All of them apparently forgetting that Vinny and Abby are both video producers, and that one person working in a studio like Jason does is like, incredibly difficult and there were stream issues even when Drew was here?

What the fuck, man.

Yeah, I mean, sure things worked better when they had two producers around. Duh. But I hope people understand that especially when Jason is also on camera he's flying an airplane while sitting on top of the wing. Here's to Jason continuing to be cool (and getting some reinforcements so he can be cool on camera without having to be mixing audio on a damn iPad at the same time).

Also, people who were around for early GB are probably a lot more chill about this stuff. Even flying-by-the-seat-of-their-pants current GB gets this stuff right a lot more often than they used to.