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When the news of a XCOM remake, a FPS no less, reached the gamer-verse, there was a collective gasp of shock, followed by much gnashing of teeth and hand wringing. IS NOTHING SACRED?? Another beloved and vaunted franchise of PC game franchise fallen by the wayside where C&C and Ultima went, and molested by grubby console interests and God forbid, XBOX controllers, surely brought a tear to any self-respecting aficionado (elitists) of the franchise.Then slightly more encouraging news of Firaxi...

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Sims Go Medieval 0

I guess It is time to preface this review by admitting some embarrassing truth about my gaming history. My first experience with the Sims series had been but for a few hours' foray into the game that started it all, the one made when Will Wright twirled his magic moustache and sold his soul to the devil. But the premise of being a poking voyeur to the daily trials of little computer people intrigued me, enough not to hand over the scrapings of a month long lunch allowance to Half-Life at the t...

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I Got a Review that Jingle Jangle Jingle 0

           It is sometimes not easy to gauge the legacy of a video game series by how its instalments tap into its emerging and often revised canon. Some of the settings materialize in a seminal event where the original and fresh ideas are employed skilfully laying the foundations of consistent and interesting stories, and in the case of Fallout, we have its first game. Then there is a slight more controlled mainstream derivation decked with pop culture references that nonetheless expands on th...

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dedicated to a certain scorned environment artist... 0

What I found most memorable about Red Dead Redemption ("RDR") is the irresistible charm the game heaps upon the eclectic bunch of characters whose interactions underlie the majority of its missions. At the centre of this experience stands tall a certain John Marston, a product of the harsh circumstance of being raised an orphan to later joining banditry terrorizing the West, recently reformed and not above cutting deals with government goons to gain admittance to civilization and even a sliver o...

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Worth Playing 0

 Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is an RTS game from the creative minds of Big Huge Games under the head designer Brian Reynolds. Interested from the moment I heard about the title, I viewed the E3 2006 Gamespot video on the game demonstration personally joined by Bryan. Then I remembered that Alpha Centauri, a 4X type game under Sid Meier moniker, was also largely his creative 'spin' on the genre. And the sterling resume of having developed many a game of the year candidate or proud wi...

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Old-School 0

 Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) is the latest CRPG interpretation of the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting following in the steps of such CRPG luminaries like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. The original Neverwinter Nights was a unique event for the PC RPG community as it was more of a toolset that allowed the creation of new adventures in terms of modules that were available either in downloadable form or manifest in multiplayer persistent worlds with its own aspirations of de...

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A must update to the original 0

Heir to the Throne is probably the last major update to Europa Universalis III, however it looks as if Paradox has saved the most complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics for the last. The myriad of changes and polish applied to the game, and still ongoing via various beta patches, continue to evolve the gameplay formula to heights never seen in a strategy title before. All in all, this is a must update to the game, and makes the game more engrossing, if even that was possible in the first pl...

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A Step Back into the 'NextGen' 2

The very moment that encapsulates my opinion on GTA IV comes when I am on a heli-tour, cruising along the long stretch of a highway hugging the coastline with a beautiful sunset reflecting off of the ocean stretching to the far horizon. A beautiful sight to behold, so impressive that the Rockstar developer may have been compelled to include the feature of aerial sightseeing in the first place. There is no ulterior or snide tongue-in-cheek motives here; just pure technical wizardry that translate...

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Nomin's Mass Effect Review 1

Bioware's next generation RPG is a grand space opera action romp with its requisite sweeping and epic plot and twists that will wrap your head around and suck you into their extensively constructed world full of wonder and wasted potential. The premise of the game has been to meld action elements catering to the masses weaned on Halo with the RPG elements particular to Bioware and polish it until you get the sense that you're playing a Jack Bauer in space. For the most part, the aim of this potp...

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