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It was so boring to get off that first planet I have zero motivation now that I'm on the second planet to continue.

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I went with 'other' as Stellaris console edition isn't on the list.

Sekiro is probably going to be the first game I sell back to gamestop, ever.

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Pick me!

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Just beat Skyrim last night and I had a ton of fun. My first fifteen-twenty hours involved going the opposite way of where I'm orginally supposed to go so I didn't trigger any dragons while I was exploring and saving up for a house. Eventually, I figured I should actually do the main quest and so I triggered the dragons and then just mainlined the story to the end over about a week. Had a great time overall. I'm disappointed I didn't play it when everyone else was, because there's nobody to talk to about it.

Now I need to decide whether to focus on Morrowind or Oblivion next. I'm about two hours into both games and they're both fun so far while being aesthetic opposites. Everytime I play one, I'm exnjoying it, but then I start thinking of the other game and so I load that one up instead. Rinse and repeat.

Too many fun games to play!

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Played about 10 hours of Stellaris Console Edition on my day off. Fantastic, relaxing, and the music is killer. The controls are pretty great too and I hope they incorporate the control scheme to other 4x games on console in the future. As is, the set up is similar to Cities Skylines and Suriving Mars, so the groundwork was already there for pc to console conversions.

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My favorite thing to do is starting a new game while blotto, and then having to restart the game the next day because I don't remember any of it.

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Like others, I'd recommend Stellaris COnsole edition. Been playing it the past few days when I can and thinking about it when I can't.

My other recommendation is Thea: The Awakening. You're a god that controls the villagers in a single town. It's up to you to command them to produce food, make tools, and go out on expeditions to scrounge for resources to build more buildings and tools. Your townspeople are individuals that you can customize with jobs, or clothes, or weapons. The battle system is a card minigame so ymmv on that aspect of the game, but I found most of everything fun with this title.

Only other console strategy I really like is Planar Conquest, but the reviews seems to hate it, so ymmv on that too. I like it because you can create your own wizard. WIth a little experimentation, you can throw out some badass spells and summon some pretty monsters to fight other monsters and soldiers in a tactical grid map.

@memonk Oh man, I played through two games of MoO2 last week(lost both times) while waiting for Stellaris. So much fun and easy to understand. My favorite part of the game is that when you upgrade your planets, the buildings actually show up on the planet so you can see it slowly improving.

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Can't wait to hop into apex legends. I'd like a frontier defense type mode and then I'll be all in.

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My first real experience with online multi-player was SOCOM on the ps3 and let me say, I almost swore off playing online after my first experience.

I hop in a lobby. I get kicked. Hop into another lobby. They tell me to leave because they're saving the spot. Eventually I get into a game and I stink and people let me know how much I stink. I can practically feel their criticisms to when I'm the last person left since they get to talk smack with each other waiting for the round to be over. Got to the point where I purposefully tried not to be the last person left.

Eventually got over it by muting everybody. Also, it's a bit contradictory, but SOCOM is also my favorite multiplayer game ever. The lows were low as hell, but those rare highs, oh boy, they were good.

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Star Traders Frontiers- I never knew how complex a mobile game could be, in a good way. The neat art direction, the freedom, and the music. And then I find out it was made by two dudes?! And the kicker is it isn't even a huge file.