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Two Worlds II Review 1

The fact that Two Worlds II is a game that you can currently go buy in stores is something I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around. With the abysmal performance of its predecessor, does Two Worlds II even deserve to exist? But, being that it does in fact exist, the more pressing matter is, does it deserve to be played?While the short answer to the above question is a simple no, this medieval RPG brings some unique elements to the table. The events of Two Worlds II take place a few short...

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A Shockingly Unique WWII Shooter. 0

We live in a world where the WWII first person shooter is not only common but redundant. When you add up the total number of Brothers in Arms, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty games- with the exception of 4 of course- you get a number that looks a little like an 8 rotated 90 degrees (infinity). The constant output of WWII games had certainly lowered the anticipation of the Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway release. Despite the redundancy I decided to take a look at this game and I am certainly gla...

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A Simple Cheap Fun Fix 0

Geometry Wars Retro Evolve is a dual stick shooter. You use the left stick to stear and the right stick to shoot. To describe this game to someone who has never heard of it nor have they played it is pretty simple, though they may not believe you. You are a shape that shoots bullets at other shapes. That simple. For them to truly appreciate it they need to play it. GWRE is addicting as crap. Each game starts of slow but once you have played for a second the action really intensifies. You have hu...

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An incredible story that compensates for some buggy game play. 0

Mass Effect is a third person RPG developed by Bioware. The best way to sum up Mass Effect is it's a space soap opera. The only thing separating Mass Effect from an actual soap opera is how compelling the story is. Most people can't sit threw an entire soap opera without losing their lunch. Mass Effect on the other hand keeps you playing for about 40 hours by drawing you in with its gameplay and then making you stay to see how the story finishes.In Mass Effect you play commander Shepard. You can...

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