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@spwn said:

Was most likely "in development" just for Tim Langdell to show that his Edge studio was active

That's exactly right. In order for him to keep the "EDGE" trademark (so he could keep suing people), he needed to show that his studio was actually real. So on his website he claimed games like this were in development and "coming out soon". He went as far as getting "Racers" rated by the ESRB. But in reality there was no game at all, just a logo on his website. And his company is just himself with no employees. His actions were pretty ridiculous.


After doing some research, it turns out this game was released on the PC:

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You should PM Jeff, he's the one that adds platforms to the database. Make a good case for it! There's is a fitness console in the database called the XaviXPORT.

I'm an inclusionist and always like to see more consoles added the database.

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I bought a Touchpad when they were $100 and also thought Giant Bomb should add Palm OS. I think the argument not to add Palm OS is that it was an irrelevant cell phone platform. Were there any notable games released exclusively on Palm OS?

But I'm always in favor of adding more platforms to Giant Bomb. I think it should be added.

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There have been many discussion in the past with adding Linux as a platform. The consensus is that it should not have its own platform page. Heres on of those discussions:

@Snail: Linux does not have its own page as per a staff verdict whereby they did not want to break up PC games by operating systems. The staff have already rejected "Linux" as a platform for the database as it did not meet our criteria for warranting its own platform page. That criteria being:

Consoles/computers that only run games that are currently served by another platform on the site do not get their own platform page and can be safely discussed on the wiki pages for the machine they are duplicating.

However if you have objections you should feel free to contact Jeff as only he and the staff can add Linux to the database as a platform.

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Actually I think they can be different pages. When a major game got released it often had a gameboy/GBC/ DS version. In a lot of cases this handheld version of the game was a completely different game. They were made by a different developer and built from the ground up with no resemble to the console version. Different story, different gameplay. The only thing they shared was the name.

I think it would be ok for gameboy/ds games to have their own page, but your right it would be a mess. But technically I would be correct IMO. But there would be just a bunch of empty pages because nobody really played the handheld versions and nobody would fill them out.

For example, the DS version of Call of Duty 4 has its own Wikipedia page for this reason: is actually really rare, but it was a big enough game where enough people cared to write a separate page specially for the DS version.

I actually think pretty much EVERY handheld game could have its own separate page.

In this case if someone took the time to fill out the Gameboy version of this Star Wars game, it should be allowed to stay since they are in fact different games. IMO

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This is also a problem with Company pages. You can only add the EXACT date on a company page, down to the day. 90% of the time this information isn't known. Only a companies webiste they might say "we were founded in July of 2002". But you can't add fuzzy dates, so you cant add it.

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@Jeff said:

(And while I'm on the topic of platforms, IPOD is for click-wheel iPod games, not for iPod Touch games. Those just go under iPhone. Universal iOS apps get tagged as both iPad and iPhone. Cool?)

Yeah I remember once sorting out that platform to remove the iOS games, then doing it again 6 months later when it got filled up again with iOS games. I needs to be done again.

I've spent some time adding iPod games to do database, and since they don't make them anymore, I'm pretty confident that every game released to the iPod has been created and added to that platform. If there was a way to "lock" a platform to prevent games from being added, I think that would help the confusion.

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I'm not sure why Jerry Rice would do this, Hopefully he isn't short on cash.

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 I've been editing the GB wiki for a while. I have some ideas and suggestions on how it can be improved:
Revamp of "Add New Game"  window- I think the process of adding new pages to the site could use some improvements. Here are my suggestions:

  • "Add New Game" window should have all fields from infobox- When I add a new game to the site the first thing I do is go the page and start adding the infobox info. Why not just have all those fields in the "Add New Game" window. The developer, publisher, platform, release date (etc). It would speed up the process.
  • Be able to add multiple games at once-  Right now you can only add a single game to the database at time. But there are several different scenarios where the ability to add more than once at a time would be useful. For example, when the WiiWare/DSiware releases come out, a lot of the time, none of the games are in the database. Instead of adding each game individually, you can add them all at once. This feature would save time.
  • Image you add automatically goes into boxart gallery- The image you choose in the "Add New Game" window should be uploaded and them automatically put into the boxart gallery for that game. Currently you have to do this manually.

Split object/location pages into two categories- There are two different types of object/locations: generic and proper. A generic object/location is something like "Knife" or "Casino". Then there are proper object/location pages like "Lancer" or "Mushroom Kingdom". When I go to the World of Warcraft page and click on "Location", cities that are in the WoW universe are listed right next to "Tavern", "Mine", "Castle" (etc). This list should be split. All the generic places in one list, then all the place in the game's particular universe in another.

A "Canceled" option for release date field-
When a game gets canceled, there isn't really a good way to show that on a game page. Instead of just removing the date, you should be able to add the word "Canceled". This would make things more clear.

Ability to specify that game didn't come out in U.S.- Some games don't come out in the United States. Just like when a game gets canceled, there's not really a good way to show that a game didn't come out in the U.S. The "release date" field is usually left blank. Or sometimes people put the Japanese/Europe release date in the "Original US Release". It leads to mixup.
Highlight good concept pages- There's a lot of amazing and interesting concepts, it's one of the things that makes Giant Bomb unique. But there really isn't a great way of showing off theses concepts. When you click on "concepts", what if it displayed a dynamic list of interesting/good concept pages instead of "Jump", or "Health".  

Fuzzy date for "Date Founded" on Company pages - Company pages have a "Date Founded" field. But there's no fuzzy date option, you have to have the specific date. Most of the time the specific date isn't known.

Ability to choose 3 main images on game pages- Right now it seems like their chosen automatically in the order screenshots have been uploaded. This leads to sometimes having 3 very similar screenshots, It would be great if you

The ability to sort games by platform alphabetically and by release date- In addition to its main purpose, this feature would help when trying to make sure every game for the platform is in the database.