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Biggest Disappointments

These games just let me down

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  • The single player at least (I love the multiplayer still). I loved Halo 2's story and I mean absolutely adored. Because of Halo 2 I went out and got all of the Halo books and deeply invested myself in the lore, i was so excited for the conclusion of this story with Halo 3!... only I didn't get one. Halo 3 seemed to me like little more than fan service with the campaign. Big never ending flood levels, check; Giant beach area with lots of forests, check; Warthog escape final level based off the end of the original game, check; etc etc etc. Bungie added two huge enemies in Halo 2, the ironically named Prophet of Truth and Gravemind yet you never actually get any showdown with either. In cut scenes they are killed but you never actually get to gut the bastards, instead you get to shoot a giant floating light bulb with a spartan laser once!! Can you say anticlimactic?? My hopes were probably far too high for this game which lead to it being a disappointment, but regardless of why, that's what it is to me.

  • Of this list, this is the only game without any redeeming qualities. Halo 3 was a let down but was a lot of fun to play and had amazing multiplayer, this game has nothing. The new Battlestar Galactica is probably my favorite universe and story across books, games, movies and television. It was truly a wild ride and I will always love it. The series was filled with action, adventure, drama, deep characters that you knew and loved (or loved to hate). This game had none of that! It was a top down shooter and a terrible top down shooter at that. The missions were stupid and uninspired. You could take this game, change a few skins and make it anything, it's extremely generic and contrived; this game is utterly terrible and should not be tied to BSG as all it does is drag it down.