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For some reason I've never even seriously looked at an Ace Combat game but...

Is this secretly just MGS with planes? Suddenly I'm all in.

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So I'm busy getting rid of my old game "collection" on ebay and since me and most of my games are german I'm obviously doing that on german ebay.

Also, I'm lazy as fuck and just copy/pasting my descriptions on every article while sometimes swapping out adjectives and, somewhat surprisingly, gender pronouns.

Seriously I've never actually thought about this but now I can't stop and need answers, let me give you some examples:

Sony's entire lineup: feminine (die Playstation, die PSP, die PS Vita)

Microsoft's entire lineup: feminine (die Xbox, die 360(360 being pronounce as "three-sixty" same as in english))

Nintendo: I'm... not a hundred percent sure? Masculine Gameboy, DS and Gamecube for sure (der Gameboy, der DS, der Gamecube). Feminine Wii, Wii U and Switch. Oddly I kinda feel like it's masculine NES/SNES too but only when abbreviated, if you'd call it the Nintendo Entertainment System it would definitely be neutral (das).

You're seeing my point right? Is it just german that's weird here? Am I just crazy? Is it regional? Random?

Who get's to decide this? The media? The populace? Elected officials?

Yes, it's probably the local arm of whichever PR department is in charge and it's not remotely important but please help me get some closure.

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Huh. Alright.

I guess more competition is never a bad thing, especially with AMD not exactly going toe-to-toe with NVIDIA. Intel certainly got the capital and expertise to make a show of it but this teaser is just so much nothing that I don't know how to feel yet. There's kinda a lot of uncertainty in the GPU market right now isn't there? A lot of potential tech-paths to go down, so it's probably decent timing if they want to make an impact. But yeah, who knows if this is even targeted at gaming and not just workstation/AI stuff.

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Yes, that trailer voice over is kinda terrible but the game seems like it could be really neat. Not sure if posting let's play type stuff is taboo but here's a longer form look at it:

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That video is pretty much the first time I've ever even heard of it which seems like a shame because clearly a lot of effort has gone into this thing. Apparently the guys behind it are ex-Ghibli dudes? At least the art style seems to be heavily "inspired" by their work.

It's an adventure game with "choice" aspects so who knows how well that stuff is gonna hold up, still worth keeping an eye on I think.

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I mean you can be sure literally everyone on the crew will be playing and/or commenting on it during various podcasts. Every review ever is inherently subjective so Dan being a huge Mario fan only really matters if it goes so far as to make the review unreadable. Just how far can be too far is, again, personal preference of course but I don't think Dan can't manage to stay objective enough even with his admitted bias. I know it's a tough argument to make for a certain part of the GB userbase but I think Dan's a pretty smart guy, let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

Not to mention that it doesn't even look like "extra good review" is that much of an option with the nearly perfect scores it's gotten from any pre-release coverage/reviews but that's impossible to judge 'till we got a copy in our hands ourselves.

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Abby is fucking great. GBE in general is fucking great. Didn't think anything could come close to the Ryan/Jeff/Vinny/Brad/Patrick(/Drew) glory days of old but damn if Vinny/Alex/Dan/Jeff/Abby aren't making a play for it. In fact I'm a little scared she fits in too well, the last time someone was this much of a natural they got poached to start their own website :(

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In case you haven't seen it on reddit/the news yet. Whoops! This might be trouble.

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Happy Birthday duder!

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@acidbrandon18 said:

@burncoat: I was kind of hoping the discussion in this thread would focus on Wolfenstein and how these real world events could affect it and less about the real world events themselves.

I just don't think it will. The game releases late October, that means development is done sans bugfixing/polish stuff, and recent events, as tragic as they are, just aren't a big enough deal to change anything meaningful at the eleventh hour.

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Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not sure it has a name. Prey 2 was pretty much completely scrapped and the Prey game that came out this year is basically a complete reboot that just shares the name. The thing at the end of the trailer might be the only stuff that exists publicly. Maybe there was something else released somewhere but there wasn't a lot of media on Prey 2 before it got canned. Chances are probably not great but maybe someone at Blur has something on a hard drive somewhere and would be allowed to share it, seeing as the stuff in the trailer was never turned into a commercial product, might not hurt to send an email?

Resurrecting a 5 year old thread is probably not the best place to ask this though :P