The Playstation Zeitgeist Episode Zero: Toejam and Earl? WHAT?

Ok, im with yall. WHO the fuck is these stupid motherfucka's? U-GO? I knew U-GO. That was that site back then that tried to copy off from IGN right? Failed badly too. 

U-GO is so far Ninty's and 360's ass its not even funny. Trying to lull sucka's into thinking - hey they ain't bad but then they come up with "Gamer Life" and all that Wii-bs.

You dont need to know about my life. Its fucked up as it is.

What you need to know is good motherfuckas that actually cared about this hobby, have been shown the fucking door son. And what does Hearst Media (More close to Disney than anyone else - trust me - i know) do?

Desecrate a good games name by saying, best shit ever in there best emotish (Engrlish Ebonics).

You son of bitches over in NYC take us, the Anon of the Internet for fools? Your fucking up the wrong fucking tree son. We took on Scientology son. Youre next. You give Hardcore a BAD name. Talk about women like they were some objects - almost to the point where you were wishing they were trannies. 

Your leaders saying their the GOOD fucking guy? UGH... Firing 40 good hard working Americans is being a Good fucking guy? You leaders are no better than President TOM of Iran... And just as bad as Putin who has stolen all the heating oil from the rest of Europe... Why? Cause he CAN.

Just like they (Ziff Davis) did a few days ago over in San FranSicko.

You motherfuckers are not brave to say it - but I am. These faggots need to get a clue. Our industry is about to be broken in a million parts because of this stupid Wii and DS and you just wanting more clicks because instead telling the truth, you just need to get more eyes looking at the Wii fit girl.

Who is U-GO think they are fooling? I never cared for the site - and I will still not care for it now. They can go to hell, and stay there. There just another pseudo euro trash posing as American.  God, I am sick of these Corporations acting like they are Conservatives but in reality are nothing more but neo liberals - More Racist, more Sexist, more bs than there ever was coming from the mouths of these old white dudes who just ate too much red meat when the going was good. And bad news for the gay community, any of you stupid leaders of that community says that your movement has "Moral Equviancly" to the Civil Rights movement, your all Racists. Just like U-GO, cause its worse than gay, its for this GenderQueer WII Audience that calls for Kisses and ********... 

I just feel sad for us. We, the lost and dispossessed of the Nation that wants to see us dead in the fields of Tripoli... has yet another aspect of our lifes taken away...

How much more are we gonna take before we say...