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Another Brief impression of a Zelda game but this time Adventures of Link. Also from last year.

Sorry, gotta ramble a bit. Just beat The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link for the first time. I like a lot of what it's trying to do with the high and low blocking/attacking. Also can see where they got some of the ideas for the 3D Zeldas. Temple music and intro music are awesome to listen to, but like the first game, the rest of the soundtrack isn't too remarkable. And it's hard. I like the idea of the level-up system, since I'm a sucker for RPG mechanics and I do like the magic system, tho some spells are way more useful than others. Also, I kinda screwed myself a bit when I used keys up and could go back to dungeons I beat. So that part super sucked. I think I would rate Zelda 2 at about the same place as Zelda 1. Both have interesting ideas and succeed at those ideas to different extents but also fail hard too. I'm happy I played it but don't know if I'll go back. On to Link to the Past.

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