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Brief Impression of The Legend of Zelda (the first one) when I beat it a long while ago (like May of last year.)

So, Breath of the Wild has made me super curious about the Zelda franchise. I decided to go through and play all the main titles in the series. Finished Zelda 1 two weeks ago and moved on to Zelda 2. Impressions of Zelda 1: I defientely wouldn't have liked this as a child. It is interesting to see where BotW got so much of it's inspiration. Some of the music is pretty annoying tho and it is hard, but not TOO hard like I was led to believe. Mostly just hard to figure out where to go.

I'm currently liking Zelda 2 a bit more, but just because I think I like the combat more. I am getting hard stopped at the Maze temple and the temple over the ocean.

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