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Impression of Link's Awakening DX. This one surprised me. Also also from last year but from August

Alright, finished Link's Awakening DX. I think this is my favorite 2-D Zelda game, having just played Zelda 1,2,and 3. The dialog is just SO GOOD. The music is great (for a gameboy color game) and really strikes the mood of whatever you're trying to do or wherever you are at the time. There's so much quirky charm to it. Also, unlike ALTTP, it isn't too long, so it doesn't wear out it's welcome as much. Usually, with a 3D Zelda game, I have a desire to stay in the world the game presents. I hadn't felt like that while playing the other 2-D Zeldas until this one. I actually hesitated to be it cause it was just so fun. So yeah, favorite 2-D Zelda (for now.)

Side note: does that whale have pants AND wings? Seriously laughing my ass off at that image. 10/10

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