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Impression of the GREATEST ZELDA GAME TO HAVE FALLEN FROM HEAVEN! It's okay. Also from last year.

Just beat A Link to the Past for the first time. Some thoughts:

When people were saying that Ocarina of Time took a lot from ALTTP, they weren't kidding. Going back and forth between worlds, after going to a different world, having the game REALLY open up, the Master Sword, the Golden Realm/Land, etc.

Music is the best so far. Nothing really grinded my ears like in the first two Zelda games, which I SUPER APPRECIATE! Also, hearing Zelda's Lullaby is always a treat

First time having the Ganon psyche-out.It kinda didn't fit at all. But this is the era of having "second-forms" to bosses and what not. So it's bad but understandable for the time, I guess.

Unlike the first two Zelda games, I don't think I would mind going back to this one at all. I was missing two heart pieces and an item by game's end and I'm itching to go back and get them.

This is the start of the item switching issue that we see in OoT, Majora's Mask, and Wind Waker. It's not as harsh in this game, since it's so simple, but this is where I started to notice it. And I know it might be an issue in the first two Zelda games, but I was having OTHER issues with those games that kinda distracted me from this one.

Overall, I think I would place ALTTP and OoT at about equal (with a personal preference on OoT because I was exposed to that as a kid as opposed to playing ALTTP now as an adult). Both have similar short-coming in some sense and DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT in others just because of the 2D vs 3D nature of things. Happy I finally played one of the best Zelda games to date.

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