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Top 6 Games of All Time Because Wind Waker and BotW are tied

Having issues determining if Overwatch or BotW should stay. Thinking Overwatch....

Edit: Decided BotW and Wind Waker are tied so adding them both!

List items

  • Super Smash Bros Melee. Like a lot of games on this list, I loved this game growing up. In fact, it was the thing that helped bridge my awkward, anti-social tendencies. This is one of the games that helped me make more friends, helping to break me out of my shell a bit.

  • This game is pretty much everything I ever wanted out of a Zelda game. The controls feel tight. The items all have good usage in many areas (few exceptions, as usual with any Zelda game). The visuals are still amazingly unique and hold up even today, in the HD landscape. The music is one of the best soundtracks in the franchise (FIGHT ME!) The cast is pretty memorable. Obviously, the plot is pretty typical Zelda, in it's broad strokes. However, it still makes one of the most heart warming, and bittersweet entries in the franchise. It's just everything you want out of a console Zelda, done well or well enough. I will agree with some of the knocks against the game (Triforce money sink and sometimes sailing is a chore). Still, there much more good in this game than bad. Easily the best Zelda the game I've played. Just wished it was on a more popular console (both times).

  • One of the original "is this game art?" And for good damn reason. This game made you want to understand it. Made you want to explore it, even tho there wasn't much going on in it's open world. You always felt like you'd have more questions than answers and this bitter feeling in your gut that nothing will go your way. Story still comes down to "a guy saves (or tries to save) a girl" but the cost was just too high.

  • One of the few online multiplayer games I've sunk over 400 hours into. Actually, I do believe that Overwatch is my most played game of all time. Find a group and playing on the regular really opened my eyes to the world of playing with friends. ALSO, it was such a welcoming game, it helped me transition into mouse and keyboard controls (was a console player until 2015). The characters are distinct, gameplay is tight, maps are colorful, and screwing around with the community early on was such a treat. having the game stop because a player being called "Mom" and everyone wanting to not attack the player and just play with emotes WAY OFF to the side of the map, away from the objective was a highlight of 2015 for me.

  • As a westerner, I have to say Okami is a god damn TREAT. Amaterasu is a GREAT way to do a "voiceless" main character. The cast is great, the mechanics are novel, the music is wonderful. The art is defientely the big draw.

  • This world and the climbing mechanics make this game for me. There just so much to look around at. The climbing mechanics really just open things up without hold you back. I was a bit iffy at first with stamina in Zelda but Nintendo found a way to make it work well. Early on, you really have to be thoughtful about how you climb. I always made sure to look for a place to rest up on bigger climbs. Seeing Nintendo work with an open world game with HD assets was fantastic as well. The game does a great job of encouraging you to mess up with great autosaving. Nothing really we haven't seen before in games, but blended in a way to make it well made. BotW is fuuuuuun.