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Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Still Looking For More Creators.

Its been a while since I've posted a blog on this site, so I thought, what the hell, make it about E3........or what was missing at E3, namely Beyond Good And Evil II. I loved the first one, in spite of its faults. It really created a unique world, which was something I felt had not been done successfully since The Legend Of Zelda.: Ocarina Of Time.

In any case, I thought after seeing the leaked trailer, that the game might get a holiday release. Then E3 came and Ubisoft's press conference dissappointed me by not even mentioning the franchise. Then I put my wishfull thinking into The Tokyo Game Show, an unlikely place for a European developer to make any announcements, but still, you might never know. The extra couple of months could have been enough to put together a playable demo to show at the press.

The nail in the coffin came when I was browsing the internet last night and I stumbled upon a job request by Ubisoft at Gamasutra for a Senior Gamedesigner for Beyond Good And Evil II. (link.:
So I presume that if Ubisoft has yet to design parts of the game, that it's a long way from being completed...........and I thought the 18 months between the announcement and release of Assassin's Creed was drawn-out.

P.S.: Should any of you guys apply and be accepted for said position, I would say you'd atleast owe me an early demo or two.


Are Publishers Trying To Ruin Developers??????????????????

I mean, seriously, here in Europe, just in the next two weeks, the core games that I Will be getting are Fable II, Fallout III and Far Cry II.Other ""lesser titles"" which I"m still doubting, but Knowing MySelf, Will get are Little Big Planet, Dead Space and SpiderMan.:Web Of Shadows.(Not a SpiderMan fan, but the mechanics in this game Look AweSome!!!!)......Then two weeks later I'll buy Mirror's Edge, Banjo Kazooie.:Nuts And Buls,Sacred II and Tomb Raider.:UnderWorld.........Thats 10 Bloody titles. I can afford it, no problem,....its just that I dont seem to have The Time to acctually Play Them. OK, some Might say, why buy em All at once, give it 6 to 8 months and try em out then.....I'm Not That Person, if its on Sale.....I Need to have it.My Bad, but thats just The Way it is.

Its Late, So Bear With Me On My Spelling. AnyWay, Coming Back To the title.Who The Hell Thinks that bringing these games out so close ToGether is a Good Thing???? I mean, every game on this list Will suffer in sales because of it.Take Sacred II, comes out 2 weeks After Fable II.......Seriously, if they just wait for a couple of months, bring it out in January, sales would At the very least Be double.OK, Know what your Thinking.....Games have to Be released BeFore the Holiday Season.........Come On, thats just lame!!!! Core gamers( God, I hate that term.) Will buy it AnyWay, Hell, even more of em since they wont have to make a choice between games, and the little kids that know nothing about the acctuall quality of games, well, they wont buy these types of games AnyWay, they want flashy Covers and kiddy stuff like Mario and Yoshi(No Offence Nintendo fans, Own a Wii MySelf......A Huge One...), thats why Mario Kart Wii is still in the Top 10, not because its the best game of the year.

I recently found out that a 38 year old friend of Mine has a PS3, said He saw it on a commercial and Thought it looked cool.......So, Naturally, I asked him what game he has with his brand new system...his Answer......Ratatouille....Yes, the lame game version of the Pixar Movie....Apparently, he bought it BeCause he Liked the Movie....Damn.

I'm ranting so I'll stop, but I just dont get these developers. Mostly BeCause I've Been hearing of people AlReady getting early copies of Dead Space(Though, by Now, its out in america.), Fable II and Fallout III(Pirated version.), so WhatEver the Way they are getting it, it means those Games are Finished....So why not just release them to get before the rest of the gaming OnSlaught.

I'll Finish off with SomeThing else then games.

The Time has Come, for those of you that have Known Me for a year or so, you Know whats about to happen. In November, I Will be Leaving for South Africa , for at the very least, a month. Both for business and PleaSure, meaning I wont Be online in that Time, except to check in Once in a while. By The Way, this is Also a Reason why I'll buy All these games, Since Now I'll have The Time to play them.


Hail To The King, Baby!!!!

Finally!!!! Got a 1000 Points!!!! Guess now I've got unlimited access to the site........and we All Know I'll soon become Mad with Power......

 On a gaming note, Splinter Cell.: Double Agent is still on My desk, you can see My exitement for the game....since I bought it over two weeks ago.
 I downloaded The Legend of Spyro.: A New Beginning from XBox Live, apparently these last 5 or 6 games in the franchise have been Pretty Bad.....but I was a big fan of the series in its Insomniac days, Ripto's Rage felt very Revolutionary in the 90's, while platformers now just dont exite Me anymore. Ratchet and Clank Future might have allot more Bells and Whistles, but the basis of the genre remain the same as when Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda.: Ocarina of Time and Ripto's Rage first came out.

Seeing September will be a very Expensive month for games, I descided to spend a little less Money on this hobby during the Summer. The Prince of Persia series is the only one that I can think of that I've Never really played in depht.Sure, I rented them for a few day, to play like a Quarter per game.But, basically, The Prince deservessome more of My Time. Apparently there's a Playstation 2 Trilogy Pack for sale at a reasonable price, so I'll get that. By the way, if anyone has tested these games out on their Playstation 3's, I would appriciatte any feedback to how succesfull it runs.

In closing, I went to check out The Tour de France a couple of days ago.......I was in the mood for a long drive, so I went down to The Provence.....then I realised.....I hate I drove back....



Numero Uno.

All Hail the latest Bomber!!!!.....Is that what they call people on this thing?????? Seems probable, yet a bit on the boring side, dont you think?I'm one of those GameSpot Loyalists that followed Jeff and Co after their departure from the site, I'm glad to have found a new home for my rants, since complaing about lousy reviewers and bad glitches has become a tad tiring over the last couple of months. By the way, what was that Bourne Conspiracy guy thinking????......OK I'll stop.......Old habits die hard (great movie btw).

In closing, for all My old compatriots of GameSpot....Yes...Its is I.......Faller88.