I braved heavy rain to get Heavy Rain

Today was a hell of a day, it's rained really heavily all day changing from icy rain to snow (it seriously looked as if the river was gonna flood). It didn't stop me from making a freezing, soaking and ironic trek into town as today was Heavy Rain's launch for the UK. Surprisingly I actually got the last copy of Heavy Rain in Britain's biggest game retail chain (GAME) which blew me away, as no way did I think it would sell that well.  
Just thought I'd share my ironic day. 
Also Heavy Rain is super awesome if not buggy as fuck.


My first experience with Starcraft.

I've never been an RTS man myself. I've always preferred games where you shoot dudes, not games where you tell people to shoot dudes. However all the footage of the Starcraft 2 beta has me seriously considering getting a rig and investing some serious time into it when it comes out, but  since I've never played starcraft before I thought it would be a good idea to try out the original before some Korean guy makes me cry.  
First off the opening CG movie has well...dated, I guess I just had to be there in the late 90s to appreciate it. I went straight into the Terran campaign and found the gameplay very easy to pick up despite me having little to no experience with RTS's before, the HUD layout and controls are perfect, plus the graphics have a timeless style that still looks good. 
Now the downside, the AI for path finding is awful. The AI gets confused by simple rocks or obstacles that I have to click several times in order for them to navigate a path correctly. Jim Raynor died stupidly because of this; he got rushed by many aliens so I franticly click to get him to drive away back to my army, only for him to go in the opposite direction :@. The lack of variable dialog can get annoying too, I've only been playing for an hour and I'm already sick and tired of the marines saying the same 3 pieces of dialog. 
I am enjoying Starcraft but I feel I will enjoy the newer more technically advanced sequel more when it comes out.


Thoroughly dissapointed with MW2 multiplayer

So I've just come back from my first semester of University for Christmas, and I was really looing forward to giving MW2 multiplayer a lot of attention; but alas what I found wasn't the fun and addicting hour consuming experience that was CoD 4, but simply me getting shot in the back or just by people in windows i couldn't see over and over and over and over again. If it wasn't the campers that truly piss me off it's the incredibly overpowered dual shottys, those things have a bigger range than Brian Blessed's bellowing voice. 
I thought after getting to know the maps I'd have a better time with the game, but it hasn't happened so far perhaps because the majority of the maps are horseshit, sure they look pretty but there is just way too much stuff in them and too many hidyholes for campers. The only map I truly enjoy is Terminal.  
So yes I am really dissapointed with the multiplayer, and if I could some up my feelings towards the game it would be simply. 
I like Moderm warfare 2, I just don't like the people who play it.


Just finished AC2 and it's driving me crazy! (Spoilers)

Now I can handle all the bullshit sci fi alien ancient whatever story they're trying to make, but what really grinds my gears is the Abstergo guys. They raid the safe house using fucking pointy metal sticks...why!? they want desmond so shoot him in the fucking leg and kill the blonde frog woman (the faces are pretty bad looking in this game) It seriously makes no logical sense, even less sense than giant star aliens.