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The one thing I don't like about Half Life anymore is that some of it is just archaic now. If they were to simply put in iron sights, then I may like it like I once had. It's something some may see as minor, but it can help a lot. Half Life 2 was certainly a lot better around the time it came out, but in 2007, I played through the Orange Box, and I didn't enjoy it as much as other games that came out around that time.

It was unfortunate because previously, Half Life 2 wasn't only my favorite shooter, it was one of, if not my favorite game of all time. There's still a lot of impressive stuff in it though, it's just the way you shoot without iron sights, and the sprinting is kind of awkward, little things really that add up. I loved the original Half Life 2, but by the time the two episodes came out, I was kind of past Half Life 2 in some ways, and those from a setting perspective initially disappointed me.

When it comes to the original Half Life, I didn't particularly like the shooting in that, and while I loved Black Mesa, there were more areas in the game that were dull and unpleasant than entertaining. I hated the moment where you get the crossbow in the game, the environments were kind of ugly there. The Half Life games in my opinion though are in no way bad or mediocre, they just need to get with the times some while being unique at the same time.

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Microsoft isn't anti military, they're anti-war. No, no I'm kidding.

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Yeah, I thought it was a prequel. I don't see why they'd reboot it, but OK.

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No, I'm playing it on 1999 mode now, and it's not too bad. The only time I die is when there's a special enemy type, like the motorized patriots or handyman's. I only die once or perhaps twice on them though, and not always, it just depends on how aggressive a motorized patriot is or which weapon I have for the handyman, other than that, it's not too bad. Plus, you never really die, though if you lose all your money, I'm not sure.

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Alright. I'd say it goes Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, and very, very closely behind it is Bioshock 2. I'd have a lot of explaining to do if I wanted to get into detail as to what exactly I like more or less about this and that so I'll just not get into it.

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@zeik: Yeah, that was my point, that's why I saw him as Matt Baker, 'cause that's what I remember hearing him as first.

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@zeik: I was referring to what I saw him as. I don't know who Kanji is, but I can guess it's from an anime, or perhaps Persona? My brother plays Persona, not me. OK, now that I check, it was Persona. Wasn't he Matt Baker before that?

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If it's ever more than one, it only goes up to three (usually, maybe four), but is often two if it isn't the usual one.

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I totally agree, and ever since I got Bioshock Infinite the other day, it's something I've been thinking about, then he'll be in another big name game that's contender for game of the year as well, which is The Last of Us. He was also in a lot of the E3 game trailers as well. He voiced Ocelot, but he also voiced the guy in Titanfall as well, and Second Son. You could probably keep going. The guy must literally work all the time.

I got tired of hearing Nolan North in everything as well, but at least he has a character or two that I can really say "Yeah, that's him, that's what he's best known for." Which is Nathan Drake, and Desmond. Those are the mains I see him as, and I love him as Drake and think just fine of him as Desmond, but otherwise it's a bit much. For Troy Baker, not really. He was once just Matt Baker from Brother's in Arms and Snow from Final Fantasy, but now he's just everyone.

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I completely understand, and it's too bad for Wii U 'cause to me it seems like they're just not pulling anything out that looks really compelling, except for their 3D games. I get somewhat excited too over their stuff that's not something they've done in a while. I mean, I don't at all get excited over their 2D platformers even if they're great, but a new one like the Super Mario 3D World (though I saw only images, and very little of it) is exciting to me, and when a new Zelda; Metroid, or what have you come along, that will probably get me kind of excited as well. I'm not sure if what they have is enough though.