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@steveurkel said:
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@steveurkel said:

I bought the base Sims 4 when ig came out but the fact you have to pay hundreds for the rest of the content has stopped me from getting very far. Always wanted to get more into it but that has made it difficult

Yeah, I'm exactly the same. Got most of the Sims 3 content and just really struggling with the price point for the Sims 4 stuff.

It is kind of upsetting they released the game and all of the expansions on the console but they aren't doing the same for the PC. I just did a cursory glance and came across with this ...

to get the game up to base you need:

sims 4 base game

sims 4 cats and dogs, get together, get to work, city living EXPANSIONS which are $40 EACH

sims 4 outdoor retreat, spa day, parenthood, dine out, vampires ADDON PACKS which are 19.99 EACH

sims 4 (insert 12 different names of "STUFF" which are 9.99 EACH) = $120

the cost of ALL of that on the PC comes out to around $420.00 without discounts

people have no idea how expensive the sims 4 is if you want to go all in, granted there really isn't a need to but you can't download half the stuff people release since they will have packs a lot of the times you won't have when trying to download stuff from the community. In short Electronic Arts is a terrible company.

For what it's worth, it's much cheaper if you wait for them to go on sale. For example Get Together, Get to Work and City Living are all on sale for $16 each in the current Origin sale.