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Best games I own (restricted to Nintendo systems excluding Gamecube)

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  • Taking every element that made Super Mario Bros 3 a legendary game + Multiplying its fun factor + Enhancing every other thing in every possible way = Best Mario game ever. Best (2D, but no 3D beats it) platformer ever, best SNES game ever, probably the best gaming experience that has ever been.

  • If Super Mario Bros is the grandfather that started it all, Super Mario Bros 3 is the heir that changed everything. It's the complete Mario universe experience, greatly surpassing all its predecessors and successors, save from one game.

  • Ocarina of Time's dark unsung brother, Majora's Mask may not be as epic and as widely acclaimed as Ocarina of Time came to be, but its sheer atmosphere, gameplay and perfect use of OoT's engine created a game much darker than its brothers, not to mention extremely captivating and engaging. With a silent lament hidden deep within, Majora's Mask is the best Zelda ever made.

  • Nothing needs to be said about this platforming perfection, that one game that changed gaming directions forever.

  • Widely considered to be the best game of all time, Ocarina of Time certainly deserves that title, with its epic storyline, majestic feel, excellent dungeon and overworld gameplay. This is the definitive Zelda experience and the best Zelda game there is, with the possible exception of one little game released shortly afterwards...

  • Probably the best SNES RPG there is, with a brilliantly set storyline, passionate characters and an ingenious use of the time-travelling tool, leading to a multitude of endings.