The Truth

Two highly valued members of the community, SuperMooseman and Disgaeamad, were recently banned for "intent to cause harm".
This, frankly, is bullshit.
Who else wants to know



Dicked Over Due to Train Tickets

  Woke up round a mate's house after a party. Ran to catch a train. Didn't have time to buy a ticket which would have cost £1.70. Tried looking for a guard on the train to buy a ticket off. Couldn't find one. 3 minutes between stops of alighting and disembarking. Got off. Bastards at the ticket barrier gave me a £20 fine.
 I am probably in the wrong, but fuck it. I am going to buy £1.70 of chocolate, post it to whoever does the appeals, and hope they rescind my decision. I have also illustrated a depiction of this morning's events to what I feel is a high degree of accuracy.