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  • Nulix posted a message in the forum topic What Giant Bomb Duo do you miss the most. on the General Discussion board

    Austin x Vinny, Austin x Alex. Really Austin with anyone, he was the perfect addition, his short-lived era on the site was one of the most insightful spoken, cultural critical and constantly entertai...

  • Nulix posted a message on the post Game of the Year 2019: Day Five Deliberations.

    I love the site and the crews content but game of the year wasn't really entertaining this year. The best part for me was always the fun categories, and finding that all of those have been taken out h...

  • Nulix posted a message in the forum topic Giant Bomb GOTY 2019 Discussion Thread. on the General Discussion board

    This is the first year I think I kind of stopped the videos like ten or twenty minutes in or skipped around in them a ton, the fun categories being taken out are really a bummer- hottest mess and bigg...