02/09/2012 "really getting sick of hearing Nolan Norths voice"

Guild Wars 2 logo wallpaper
Guild Wars 2 logo wallpaper

I have just started to play Guild Wars 2 recently and although I haven’t managed to put too much time into the game I am having a lot of fun with it. I don’t generally get into MMO games. Not because they aren’t fun (actually most do bore me) but because of the monthly subscription method most good MMORPG games use. Now hearing that Guild Wars 2 has no such payment method I thought what the fuck, give it a try at least.

I am really glad I did. I decided to go with a human race and elementalist class which tends to be my norm with games like this (I just like playing with fire). That choice resulted in me playing as Nathan “fucking” Drake. I don’t know about anyone else but I am really getting sick of hearing Nolan North’s voice. He just needs to give Voice over work a rest for a few years. Its just too much.

The character creator is pretty detailed and I managed to get a avatar that looks well pretty much like every in game character I make. After that you get dropped straight into the game, no tutorial just go. The first thing I realised was that there is no click to move control method. That seemed really strange to me especially as that is the way I generally control games like this (and after coming off of Diablo 3 and getting pretty good at playing like that). But I suppose I can get used to W,A,S,D if I have to.

So far the quest system has been your basic MMO questing. Fetch this go kill that, nothing really new and unique to talk about. The unique part of Guild Wars 2 that really interests me is the upgrade system. When you level up you get points to put into some new abilities which unlock at certain levels and your stats raise while levelling but your main abilities are linked to the weapons you use. The more you use a weapon the more skills you unlock for that weapon. I think that’s a really cool way of opening up new skills and powers, but at the minute it does seem that they unlock really quickly. Well only time will tell but so far I am fucking loving it.

As of now I am loving Guild Wars 2 and if it wasn’t down all of last night I probably would have had a fuck ton more to say about it.

Well that was my initial thoughts and feelings of Guild Wars 2. At the moment I strongly recommend you try it out. I will have more to come in the coming weeks I hope