A Small PlayStation Rant

Even though I fucking love gaming as a hobby and I am glad that I managed to get into it many years ago there are many things about gaming culture and games in general that gets on my fucking nerves, and well I want to fucking rant so let me blow off some steam here in the blogs section once in a while...okay?

Anyway what has urged me to write this blog? The playstation 3, well The Playstation Network more specifically. Now I will start by saying I am not 100% sure if I am a lone case in this or if its that the old Phat playstations have shittier hardware or all Playstation 3’s are just terrible but what is wrong with the download speeds?

Okay let me set up my problem. I recently bought Playstation Plus (because, well have you seen the amount of games they give away if you have the service). My first problem came about upon trying to actually give Sony my 40 quid for a years subscription. I entered my card details and nothing (card invalid apparently), now I know I have money on my card and I know for damn sure I entered it correctly. So what the fuck. In the end I got a little pissed off but decided fuck it.

An hour later I got a phone call from the fraud department of my credit card company, someone had tried to use my card for a non secure transaction. After worrying for a minute or two I realised that it was actually me trying to purchase Playstation plus. It turns out that because of the little (well fucking massive) hacking debacle Sony had a little while back they are on many credit card companies blacklist. After a short conversation with the person at my Credit Card Company's fraud department (stupid questions to check if I am actually me) I was allowed finally to use my card on the Playstation Network. Now thats fucked up one of the World's biggest companies is not considered secure by many credit card companies. Fuck me sideways.

Anyway after all that shit I finally managed to buy myself the year of plus. Simple. That however

wasn’t my main problem the thing that is annoying me the most is the speed of my downloads. Like I said I don’t know if its all Playstation 3 consoles or mine but wireless speeds are ludicrous.

I have been downloading a 6 gig game for 3 days now and I am 50% of the way there. I leave my console on while I am out of the house at work (7-6) and still only halfway there. What the fuck. I think its the wireless card the playstation 3 uses but I am not entirely sure and before someone starts I am unable to connect wired. I am too far away so don’t be a dick. I have decided to try something out. My girlfriend used to use a wireless extender for her iPad because she has a big ass house and her wifi doesn’t reach her bedroom, anyway. I am thinking about connecting that up to my playstation 3 via an ethernet cable and connecting that to my hub wirelessly. In a hope that, that will speed up my fucking downloads. Anyway that's my rant about playstation network over. Fuck that service. I see why I pay for Xbox live year upon year now. No i’m not a fucking fanboy don’t start, Xbox is just better ;)