Pre-Dark Souls Journal

I bought Dark Souls today (maybe not the best idea for my sanity. What have I gotten myself in to. I have never really been a fan of fantasy RPG and typically I am not skilled in those types of games but for some reason this game has intrigued me.

I love a challenge and beating Dark Souls will be a great personal accomplishment for me. Never having played Demon Souls I really do not know what to expect from this game. I hear it is going to be a hell of allot of grinding and trial and error (not my favourite gameplay elements).

I have never been a patient gamer. I generally tend to run in and not think through my options. This game will be a fresh style of gameplay for me. I am not sure that I will actually like Dark Souls, but only time will tell.

That being said I decided to share my noobishness with you guys and blog my way through Dark Souls. At the end of each week I will blog my quests in the game here letting you guys know what I have done, how far I have gotten and my general feelings of the game so far. I hope people find this interesting If not journaling my way through a game really seems interesting to me (something to look back on later).