So Whats the Wii U Like?

Shall we start?

I received a Nintendo WiiU for Christmas, well it was a present from myself to me. So in the next few paragraphs I will put forward my early opinions of the console, a few of the games and probably go off on a few tangents along the way.

So what do you get in the box?

I purchased the premium bundle which set me back a little under £300, to be honest thats pretty cheap for a brand new console. Especially with what you get in the box with this. Not only do you get the console and the screen controller thingy (what do you call that?) you also get a charging cradle, sensor bar and stands for both screen and console. Even though these extras seem meaningless they are pretty nice to own. The charging cradle being the most important in my opinion. Just sit the WiiU controller in it when you are finished playing and you should never have to worry about low battery problems.

What's the setup like?

The WiiU is as simple to set up as any other home console. Plug it into the wall and into the TV via HDMI and you are good to go. The problem comes after you connect the console to the internet. As soon as you connect the Wii U to the web you are pushed a mandatory update and fuck me is that a big update. It took me about an hour to download and install which can be a pain in the arse if you expect to open this up Christmas morning wanting to play a few games. When all that bullshit is over there are also a few things you can optionally set up. The main thing being you TV settings. You can set your controller up to control your TV and satellite/cable box. This is really easy to do. Especially when compared to other universal remotes with their bullshit codes. All you really have to do is enter your box and TV brand and sorted your controller now works your TV.

So that Other Shit, You Know the miiverse Social Network Bollocks. What's that like?

The Miiverse is actually kind of interesting. Full of bullshit and nonsense of course but quite funny to browse. You can post pictures directly from a game and chat to other Wii U users. Of course its all child friendly being a Nintendo property and everything. No swearing no abuse. So basically it looks like a forum but everyone has to be nice and polite. Its really quite jarring.

Nintendo has never been big on media. The other consoles have that down, What's the Wii U like?

Media playback on the WiiU is good but not great. In the UK at least you have Netflix, Lovefilm and YouTube. Netflix is the best of the bunch. You can swap the video from TV to controller, browse films on the controller and also fast forward and rewind what you are watching from the touch screen. Unfortunately though even though the WiiU discs are some form of Blu Ray you can not watch Blu Ray movies on this console.

Come on enough shit talk what about the games?

Now here is the main problem. There are barely any. There was around 20 on release and allot of those are bad ports of games that have already been released on other consoles. I only picked up 2 games. The first being ZombiU and the other being New Super Mario Bros. U. You also get Nintendoland packed in with the premium bundle.

Nintendoland is basically a mini game collection. Its pretty damn boring to be honest. I don't really see me putting any time into this at all. It was okay for the few family parties we had over the Christmas period but I seriously see that staying on my shelf to never be touched again.

New Super Mario Bros.U is another Mario game. Nintendo have pushed way too many of these out recently and I don't really find this game that fun at all. Its okay to play for 20 to 30 minutes but I can't really get invested in the game. I want to see a new Mario game. Something fresh like galaxy was back on the Wii

Finally ZombiU now this game is fun. It uses the touch screen really well. Its also a hell of allot of fun. Its bloody hard but probably... in fact easily the best game out on the Wii U at the moment.

So what's the final word on the Wii U, any good?

I love the Wii U its a really solid console it just really doesn't have any sort of games catalogue at the moment. If its a HD Nintendo console you have been looking for then we finally have it. But if you want to play games on that console you will be shit outta luck. If you want to pay £350 to play ZombiU then get a Wii U but I wouldn't recommend that. Even though the game is good it is no way £350 good.